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Raspberry Gin Fiz
TGIF! It's been a really great week back at home. Looking forward to spending the weekend camping with my man and a special little man and sipping on some good cocktails like this new one on the blog, a gin fizz flavoured with a raspberry thyme shrub 🎉
Elderlower Peach And Lavender Gin Sour
Have you had a proper Sour Debbie and I have become obsessed with the perfectly balanced sweet and sour flavour of this Gin Sour with a little Elderflower and Peach and Lavender Shrub.
Potato Souffle With Bacon, Gruyere And Herbs
With Easter right around the corner, I know you all must be thinking about Eastertaining. Put this potato soufflé on your Easter brunch menu and your guests will think you are incredible! Serve with mimosas for a complete meal...
Raspberry Margarita
This beauty is made with sparkling wine, raspberry liqueur, lime and tequila! Don't be fooled by that sweet citrusy fruity flavour, this one packs a punch! The link to the #recipe is in our profile! #cookswithcocktails #drinks #cocktails #FBCigers #photograzing #buzzfeast #feedfeed @thefeedfeed #dailyfoodfeed #huffposttaste #gastropost #tequila #saveur #food52 #foodglooby #bonappetite #tipsybartender #slushycocktail #tequila #rapsberryliqueur #margarita
Blood Orange And Vodka Lemonade With Thyme
Can I just say how much I love blood orange season !! This cocktail is for two of my best and longest friends, Liane and Jenn @pineapplegyrl year older this weekend so we'll be cheers'ing to the two of them tonight with these beauties. Hard blood orange lemonade with thyme infused simple syrup mixed with vodka and topped off with soda. The girls are going to love em! #cookswithcocktails #feedfeed #bloodoranges
Potato Gnocchi With Pico De Gallo And Kale Pesto
Need a light lunch You must make this light and flavourful homemade gluten free gnocchi with my favourite kale pesto and pico de gallo. Kevin and I had this at a restaurant in Kelowna this past summer and I couldn't stop thinking about it till I made it for myself at home. That's how my brain works... I can't help it.
Cauliflower Mac & Cheese Casserole With Ham & Peas
Casseroles are always a favourite for our dinner table. Especially healthier ones like this Mac & Cheese with a cauliflower sauce, ham and peas. Total comfort food on a rainy winter day!!
Raspberry Cream Mimosa
This Raspberry Cream Mimosa is a special way to toast to the new year this evening. We wish you all a fabulous 2016. Big things in store for the blog next year :) A new blog design coming and a change in focus. Exciting times! Have a wonderful New Years Eve! #cookswithcocktails #feedfeed #mimosa