Heart Shaped Doughnuts with Raspberry Jam

Our Sahara Bohoskey makes a recipe by Dev Amadeo



Heart Shaped Doughnuts with Raspberry Jam

                                                                                             Photo by @devamadeo

A few months ago, I came home early from work, got in a shower, put on my house robe, cleaned my apartment and took out the trash. I know, this story is getting off on a great start - I was being truly #proactive! But when I went to take out the trash I forgot the most important thing I needed to continue my productivity, my keys! I don’t think I have ever been as mortified as I was then. I knew my husband was leaving work soon but it would be a good 45 minutes before he would be home. What to do in such a precarious situation?! Do I hang out in the cold and (kinda dirty) entry way..? Remember I had just showered and was in my clean linen house robe! There was no way to contact my husband to get him to rush home, so I was left feeling naked and vulnerable with just the ONE prospect. I could knock on my neighbors door across the hall and ask to use their phone. “Do people still do that”, I thought? I knew they were home from the laughter echoing through the hall. So I knocked. They answered. I used their phone and they invited me in! Such kindness I hadn’t felt in the 10 years of living in New York City, not only did they let me in, and use their phone but they also offered me a glass of wine and invited me to join them while I waited for my hubs to come home. Anyway, that moment of sheer kindness is the spirit of Valentine’s Day that makes me want to share the love and these Heart Shaped Doughnuts with Raspberry Jam by devamadeo

For me, Valentine’s Day was never about love, it was about my friends and my family (and the occasional boyfriend) and making sure they knew they meant a lot to me. These doughnuts are quite low lift with maximum effect to get the right message across! Hope you get to make these goodies for the ones you love and Happy Valentine’s Day to all. I appreciate you! -- Sahara Bohoskey, Community Food Editor

Heart Shaped Doughnuts with Raspberry Jam by @devamadeo


For the Doughnuts 

1/3 cup lukewarm coconut milk
1 (¼ ounce) package instant yeast
5 eggs, at room temperature
31/2 cups unbleached all-purpose flour
21/3 cups raw sugar, divided
1/2 to 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 teaspoon fine sea salt
12 tablespoons (6 ounces) butter, at room temperature and cubed
Vegetable oil, or grape seed oil, for frying

For the Raspberry Jam
3 cups fresh or frozen raspberries
3/4 cup raw sugar
1/2 lemon, freshly squeezed
2 tablespoon unbleached all-purpose flour
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Thank you to @devamadeo for sharing your delicious Heart Shaped Doughnuts with Raspberry Jam recipe!