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Crispy Waffles With Caramelized Banana And Praline Peanuts
The waffles have left the building, y'all. Crispy waffles, peanut butter and raspberry, brûléed banana, whipped cream AND ice cream (because we don't mess around), topped with praline peanuts for a crunch. All based on an amazing dessert I had from @dandoherty_ of Duck and Waffle in London.
Tequila Glazed Peach Tart
I've got 99 problems, but a peach ain't one. Tequila Glazed Peach Tart. Simple as can be. Have a shot of tequila, make a sweet butter crust, fill it with peaches (leaving them thinly sliced and fresh this time), and glaze it with whatever tequila you may have left after the chef's share.
Homemade Nutmeg Meringues
When life gives you nutmeg meringues, you make a Gingersnap Crusted Pumpkin Tart. Step up grandma's index card recipe with this twist on the classic.
Gelato With Figs And Bourbon Caramel
Fig BOURBON Caramel Gelato. I've been waiting in line for early voting in Nashville for an hour now, and all I can think about it getting home to finish off this Fig Bourbon Caramel Gelato. It is soooo good. Big thanks to my badass pastry chef friend @mathewsweet for giving me his gelato base recipe that inspired this recipe. Give him a follow!