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Carrot Cake Victoria Sponge With Raspberry
It feels like an age since I last got my bake on - I've mostly been getting my sweet fix outside of my own kitchen and, whilst it's been nice to get some new ideas and inspiration from elsewhere, I'm so ready start putting my own spin on treats again. Carrot and raspberry Victoria sponge cake from needs to happen again.
Banana Caramel Cheesecake
Naughty but nice end to the day. This was the first raw dessert recipe I ever created and it's still my favourite. Chewy biscuit base, creamy banana cheesecake and decadent caramel topping made with dates and almond butter. Too good and honestly the most heavenly thing, even for healthy eating skeptics. One to try to get you over the mid-week hump. Hope you've all had a beautiful day!
Sweet Potato & Kale With Chestnut Mushroom, Cauliflower & Pumpkin Seed…
Dreamy marinated kale for lunch - upgrading an old recipe to make sure everything is perfection. In love with all the new additions and the slight change in flavour combination. Tonight I'm making another favourite for the family and I'm so excited for them to try it. Everyone around me has been super adventurous with their food while I've been recipe testing this past week, it's amazing .
Miso Roasted Aubergine | Eggplant With Toasted Sesame Seeds & Green Onions
Little bit obsessed with miso at the moment and it tastes incredible when infused with the roasted aubergine. Such an amazing dish if you want something simple yet satisfying for dinner . Hope you've all had an amazing day!
WOULDN’T CHANGE A THING || How do you feel today? I hope, like me, you have nothing but happy memories of fun, family and some pretty freaking epic food. I hope not an inkling if you has any regret. I hope you aren’t thinking ‘I ate like crap yesterday.’ I hope none of you feel like you need to do better today. Because you don’t. You don’t have anything to make up for. You don’t have anything to feel guilty about. You don’t need to apologise for enjoying yourself. . I honestly did not think I could eat as much as I did yesterday. Between a new tradition of Christmas brunch featuring all the cheese and croissants, several helpings of Christmas dinner, and two different desserts so enticing that I just had to have both (several times ?) I don’t think I could have done Christmas feasting any better. Did I eat only ‘good’ ‘nutritious’ food? No. Did I eat past the point of fullness? Way past sometimes. But every bit of it I wanted. Every bit of it I enjoyed. Every bit of it made me happy, and I wouldn’t change a thing. . If guilt is on your mind today, remind yourself that happiness is not unhealthy. Indulgence is not a sin. And no matter how you’ve woken up today, know that yesterday should not decide what you do today. If you woke up desperately wanting avocado and eggs for breakfast then that’s cool, but if the leftover Yule log was calling you too, you don’t have to deny yourself. Balance isn’t just for the holidays and restriction is never necessary when you’re truly enjoying a healthy lifestyle. . Shout out to this salted caramel Yule log with malteaser pearls that changed my life yesterday ✌?.
I know it's Saturday and you're all still thinking about brunch or even getting out of bed (guilty!) but there's a new recipe on the blog this morning for these chana saag pasties (curried chickpeas, spinach and sweet potatoes). The filling alone I'm obsessed with but package it up in a pastry parcel and you've got something on a whole other level. Find the recipe via the link in my bio and happy cooking! ?
Breaking up the heavy with the sweet because that balance is necessary. Today's happiness reminder comes in the form of sweet potato chocolate truffles, an oldie but serious goodie from the blog (so fudgey!) ⠀ Like I wrote in my last two blog posts, it's really tough to express yourself in a community that feels like it really doesn't want to hear what you have to say, nor wants to acknowledge that it isn't perfect. But I'm really glad there are some of you amazing people open to a discussion - thank you to everyone who's commented or left me a message! ❤️ (Check out my last post for more details).
Seeing as it's #nationalafternoonteaweek, I thought I'd remind you of my carrot cake twist on the classic Victoria sponge layered up with raspberry jam and cashew frosting. Because what's tea without cake? Find the recipe on my blog (link in bio) ✌?.
Butternut squash and salmon fish cakes which didn't turn out quite right but taste amazing anyway (which is the main thing ?). The best dinner after a day getting ahead on reading for my MSc. Can't believe I'll be back at it next month ?. Happy Sunday everyone!