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Training, traveling, cooking, baking and eating. Not always in that particular order. Often hungry. Copenhagen | iPhone only

Decorative Sugar Cookies

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My Recipes
Gluten Free Banana Waffles With Blood Orange And Almonds
Monday morning gf banana waffles w/ blood orange, sheep's yoghurt, almonds, bee pollen, cocoa nibs & dark chocolate drizzle 🍫🍴
Salted Hazelnut Butter Cups
Made some easy salted hazelnut butter cups, because I might just love hazelnut butter more than peanut butter And sea salt. And chocolate. no more needed.
Cauliflower "couscous" Salad With Almonds, Orange & Pomegranate
Cauliflower "couscous" salad with roasted almonds, parmesan, roasted orange, pomegranate, chili, parsley and lots of black pepper. Yummy
#nationalsmoresday + icecream aka #howisummer 🍦🍦
When you buy a kanelbulle as big as your head... 🇸🇪🇸🇪