Heritage Distilling Co. 24 Days of Cocktails

perfect for the holidays!


24 Days of Cocktails

Article by Kevin Masse
Images by Becky Sue Wilberding
Recipes by Flair Project for The Feedfeed

Sponsored by Heritage Distilling - all opinions are our own

We've spent all year looking forward to the holidays and celebrating them with family and friends. This year, we've partnered up with Heritage Distilling Co to bring you 24 super simple, but delicious cocktails you can make at home with their 2017 Spirits Advent Calendar - the perfect task for keeping the Christmas Grinch at bay! Order now and you'll have yours in time for kicking off on December 1st! As a special gift to our Feedfeed family, you can save 20% at checkout by using code: feedfeed
Happy Holidays!

Day 1: Vanilla Vodka Tuaca Cream Day 2: HDC Batch No. 12 Bourbon Cider

Day 3: HDC Elk Rider Gin & Tea Day 4: HDC Seasoned Vodka Dirty Greek Martini

Day 5: HDC Blood Orange Vodka Spritz Day 6: HDC Elk Rider Bourbon Whiskey Ginger

Watch our video tutorial of the Bourbon Whiskey Ginger

Day 7: HDC Vodka Gingerbread Sour Day 8: HDC Coffee Vodka Hazelnut Cream

Day 9: HDC Seasoned Vodka Bloody Mary Day 10: HDC Lavender Vodka Garden Martini

Day 11: HDC Elk Rider Rye Whiskey Avenue Day 12: HDC Brown Sugar Bourbon Horchata

Watch our video tutorial of the Brown Sugar Bourbon Horchata

Day 13: HDC Brown Sugar Bourbon Amaretto Day 14: HDC Brown Sugar Bourbon Irish Cream

Day 15: HDC Elk Rider Vodka Ginger Day 16: HDC Blood Orange Vodka & Aperol w/ Basil

Day 17: HDC Sparkling Lavender Vodka Day 18: HDC Coffee Vodka Creme de Cocoa Eggnog

Watch our video tutorial of the Vodka Ginger

Day 19: HDC Elk Rider Gin Mediterranean Tonic Day 20: HDC Bourbon Pumpkin Apple Cider

Day 21: HDC Elk Rider Rye Whiskey Old Fashioned Day 22: HDC Elk Rider Bourbon Hot Toddy

Day 23: HDC Vanilla Vodka Cherry Cola Day 24: HDC Brown Sugar Bourbon Apple Cider Float

Watch our video tutorial of the Bourbon Float
About The Flair Project:

Born and raised in Bulgaria, Ivo’s love affair with bartending started in 2004 with a six month bartending program in the city of Sofia.
Soon after graduating, he started his first bartending job there. Over the next 3 years Ivo bartended in some of the finest clubs in the city and was often invited train and perform at local events.
In 2007, Ivo decided to move to Santa Barbara California to attend college. While there, he discovered that flair bartending was more than just a hobby. His attraction to the technique has turned his passion into his life’s work. He competed for 10 year and has won major flair bartending competitions in California, Arizona, Washington, and more.
While working in the bar industry for the last 14 years he has built a solid foundation of knowledge in mixology, hospitality and bar development. His professional goal when bartending is to bring the best out of all aspect of bartending.
In 2014, Ivo opened Flair Project - a bartending agency specializing in cocktail catering and bar consulting. In the present day, Ivo manages the catering company, bartends private events and blogs about cocktails and bartending.


All recipes, photos and videos were created and shot by Ivo and Feedfeed's own, Becky!