Pumpkins and Pilates

with Simple Mills



Pumpkins and Pilates with Simple Mills

Article by Allison Hudson and Photography by Clay Williams

It’s hard to think of the Autumn season without dreaming of the cozy foods that come along with the cooler weather - warming soups, oatmeal bowls, baked treats and of course, the ubiquitous (and delicious!) flavor of Fall, pumpkin spice.  Come to think of it, it’s hard to go pretty much anywhere without coming across that harbinger of the season: we recently read that there are over 400 pumpkin spice products in a given grocery store during the Autumn months. That said, do our taste buds, our digestive tracts, our skin, our energy levels - our bodies - really crave the heightened number of manufactured additives and sweeteners that are so often found in pumpkin spice products at this point?  We put forth a resounding “No”! Which is why we were so happy to usher in the Fall and enjoy pumpkin spice and all the cozy vibes with our friends at Simple Mills: their Pumpkin Muffin & Bread mix contains just eight ingredients, all of which are straightforward, recognizable and comforting.   We loved making baked pumpkin spice donuts with the clean, yummy baking mix and topped them with an all-natural, dairy-free glaze - check out the recipe here!

To celebrate the change of seasons in good health and encourage our community to enjoy pumpkin spice without fear or regret, we recently hosted an evening featuring healthy habits and healthy indulgence in partnership with Simple Mills.  

As guests entered our studio, FeedfeedBrooklyn, they were able to recharge with Simple Mills’ naturally gluten-free crackers and snacks before starting in on an evening of fitness and inspired food.
Speaking of inspiration, as much as we already know how important regular exercise is, participating at a community level helps strengthen commitment to good health while also forging a sustainable approach to beneficial decisions on a daily basis.  
With an invigorating workout under our belts, the foods we crave are nourishing and satisfying!  After our pilates class, led by Helen Phelan (IG: @helenvphelan) we turned to the enticing self-serve soup and smoothie bars created by our very own chefs here at Feedfeed for a restorative savory dinner and catch-up conversation.

Following dinner, creativity flowed at the Simple Mills Pumpkin Spice Donut Wall, where guests created original sweet treats featuring baked pumpkin spice donuts topped with flavors of their own design - an incredible way to enjoy pumpkin spice season while maintaining health and (digestive!) happiness.

Enjoy the special Autumn season friends, and please click here to sign up for our events distribution list!

As always, a thank you to our studio sponsors, Room & Board, Bonterra Organic Vineyards, Health-Ade, Sir Kensington’s, Gotham Greens and Simply Organic for making this an extra-awesome event.