Vegan Meal Plan: February 26th



This week's meal plan is designed to be time-saving and offers a diverse range of flavors.

Mix and match this week's recipes with a warm and comforting Sweet Potato and Plantain Soup, a savory Caramelized Onion and Apple Pasta. The Tom Yum Noodle Soup with Tofu offers bold, Thai-inspired flavors. Try a nourishing and easy-to-make Burrito Bowl for a quick and healthy dinner.

Finally, end your week with a boost of wellness by enjoying some homemade Wellness Shots. These shots are packed with nutrients and immune-boosting ingredients that will leave you feeling energized and refreshed!

If you make any of these recipes, snap a photo and tag us #feedfeed @thefeedfeed on Instagram or TikTok for a chance to be featured.

On the Menu
Sweet Potato and Plantain Soup
by @Throughannetteslenss

This sweet potato soup features the interesting addition of plantain. Using green plantain will help to balance out the sweetness in this soup. Serve with crusty bread and a drizzle of double cream (or a dollop of sour cream works well here).
Caramelized Onion and Apple Pasta
by @Eatingbyelaine

We recommend using honey crisp apples, but any type of sweet red apples will work great here. Use a wooden spoon to break up the roasted garlic cloves once they are added to the apples, they will diffuse and melt into the oil as they cook. Finish off pasta with more fresh sage, vegan Parmesan cheese, and freshly ground black pepper. 


Tom Yum Noodle Soup with Tofu
by @Naturallyzuzu

This simple Tom Yum (hot and sour) soup is bursting with flavor from coconut and lime and is filled with veggies, pan-fried tofu, and noodles to make for a comforting and filling vegan lunch or dinner.
Burrito Bowls
by @May.Eighty.Five

A hearty and healthy dinner is guaranteed to please everyone at the table. This customizable burrito bowl comes together in 1-2-3. Use this as a guide to mix and match using your favorite vegetables and seasonings. 

Wellness Shots
by @Andrealoretdemola

This juice shot is just what you need in the morning when you feel a cold coming on! These wellness shots are made with a blend of grapefruit, cara cara oranges, lemons, fresh ginger, and cayenne for a little heat!