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happy that I picked up extra salmon for dinner the other night so that I can eat this chilled salmon salad today which is basically the salmon tossed with lemon + tahini + a sprinkle of herbs and crunchy bits (dill, parsley, sesame seeds, radish, etc)
current obsession: these sweet potato wedges tossed in @nyshuk harissa spice, roasted with some red onion until crisp on the outer edges ... topped with baked harissa beans, toasted almonds + the usual drizzle of tahini
spending this chilly Sunday cooking, cleaning + organizing the pantry (something that I’d like to be better at, but always seem to put off until it’s too cold to do anything else) also prepping some meals so I have some snacks and roasted veggies ready for the week, which includes these little favorites of mine... almond crusted sweet potatoes .... where sweet potatoes get cut into wedges, dredged in a mixture of ground almonds + spices and then baked in the oven until crisp ???????????? recipe can be found in the blog archives
when I first started writing my cookbook in early 2016, April 2018 felt so far away.... and now that 2018 is here, it’s hard to believe that my book’s release day is just a couple short months away(!!!) there are so many recipes in there that I can’t wait to share, like this one for miso butternut squash soup with crispy apples, that I am making tonight ???? there’s a link to pre-order, with more info on the book in my profile ???? @chloecleroux
cauliflower + mint + couscous + dried apricots + oranges segments + sunflower seeds + lemon yogurt + some delicious, flaky thyme-infused bread .... another amazing flavor-bomb dish in Marrakech
Harissa And Coconut Milk Baked Delicata Squash With Lentils And Toasted…
harissa + coconut milk baked delicata squash with lentils, toasted almonds and herbs ..... squash and red onions get tossed with harissa and lentils get covered in coconut milk, they all bake together in one-pan for an easy, super flavorful weeknight meal when your comfiest clothes and Netflix are the only things on your agenda
Grilled Open-faced S'more Ice Cream Sandwiches
new post | grilled, open-faced s'mores ice cream sandwiches .... a semi-homemade dessert, inspired by the lazy dog days of summer, is a fun way to eat s'mores without a campfire or sticky fingers ??✨ on the blog, in partnership with @reynoldskitchens #endlesstable #sponsored
Strawberry And Rhubarb Pie Pops
strawberry rhubarb popsicles + pie crisp crumbles..... these PIE-sicles combine all the elements from a strawberry rhubarb pie, including some (dairy-free) ice cream and some (gluten-free, coconut oil) pie crisp bits... but one of the best parts is that no popsicle mold is required! These fun + magical pie pops are totally going to be a thing at my house this summer
Wild Salmon Skewers
.... it's a holiday weekend (here), which means you'll be likely spending time with friends... friends make good skewer-maker helpers, so gather some friends and make some skewers, they are the perfect summer dinner party food!