Sir Kensingtons Ultimate Game Day Sandwich Spread
Need to feed a crowd but don't have a ton of time to cook? Set up the Ultimate DIY Sandwich Bar and let guests make their own creations. With the help of Sir Kensington's Condiments with Character sandwiches will never be boring again!
Serves 20
To make the sandwich spread, here is what you will need:
For the bread:
6 - 8 sandwich rolls
6 pretzel rolls
1/2 loaf sourdough, sliced
1/2 loaf corn rye, sliced
For the Meat & Cheese:
1 lb each of sliced turkey, ham, roast beef
1/4 lb each of prosciutto & coppa, sliced
1/2 lb each cheddar, provolone, pepper jack, sliced
1 lb of bacon, cooked until crisp
For the Garnishes:
1 head of lettuce, washed and dried
3-4 sliced heirloom tomatoes
1 red onion, thinly sliced
1 jar dill pickles
1/2 cup pepperoncini, sliced
1/2 cup sweet piquilla peppers, sliced
2 avocados, sliced
For the Condiments with Character:
Set the assorted bread in a basket and add the prepared meat, cheese and garnishes to platters. Set out the assorted Sir Kensington's condiments with seperate spreading utensils or spoons. Enjoy! 
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