How to Make a Cherry Icebox Cake
A Note From feedfeed

In the summer, I’m all about low maintenance entertaining. Save those tiered layered cakes for November, please and thank you. August is all about the no bake recipes!  And what could be better than an icebox cake complete with tart cherriesand creamy mascarpone filling? Crisp cookies go into the refrigerator and emerge transformed into a magical cake-like texture, no oven, measuring or sifting required. 

This recipe was inspired by one of the first desserts I ever made; the old school icebox cake straight off the package of chocolate wafer cookies. It’s hard to improve a classic, but adding bourbon and cherries always helps. The resulting cake is truly a stunner, and the best part is you can make it in advance and add the finishing touches right before serving. I like to just dollop the chilled cake with whipped cream, but feel free to pipe it on top if you’re feeling fancy. 

Whatever you do, make this recipe for your next summer gathering. Pinky promise you won’t regret it!


Recipe and Headnote Molly Adams