Farmer’s Market Tips with Feed the Swimmers

Our Farmers Market Maven Shares Tips on Navigating the Market and Cooking Seasonally


Farmer’s Market Tips with Feed the Swimmers

Our Farmers Market Maven Shares Tips on Navigating the Market and
Cooking Seasonally

Article by Sahara Bohoskey

Photography by Jill Fergus of @FeedTheSwimmers
Seasonal cooking is at the core of Feedfeed. We source our produce from many grocers, but there is nothing that gets our kitchen more excited than picking up a batch of seasonal herbs, fruits and vegetables from the farmer’s market. I don't know about you but personally, the highlight of cooking is sourcing the available produce and cooking root to stem. By doing so, you only need simple cooking and seasoning methods which heighten that fresh ingredient and its flavors. 
Jill Fergus is a veteran in our Feedfeed community, and a master at cooking seasonal, simple meals yet oh so comforting. We recently invited her to cook with us at FeedfeedBrooklyn with the most seasonal and coveted summer ingredient, Zucchini Blossoms. Read through for farmer’s market tips and upcoming seasonal dishes you HAVE to try. 

Q: You cater to a lot of different kinds of diets in your home, from GF, refined sugar free, to omnivore, how to keep a balance and come up with recipes that please everyone? I’d imagine you don’t cook different meals for everyone?

Jill: I cook one meal and always have! I don’t believe in feeding children one meal while preparing a second for adults. I like to offer more than one vegetable per meal, either on its own or combined with a grain, bean or pasta along with a protein option and always some kind of salad. I also don’t like to “label” a dish to avoid any preconceived notions one may have. Everyone doesn’t need to eat everything, but this ensures a well rounded meal for all. Also, and very important, if children are snacking all afternoon, they’re not sitting down to the dinner table hungry which opens the door for picky eating. If everyone sits down to the table hungry, it’s amazing how open they become to eating what you give them and try new things!

Q: We just shared your Fried Squash Blossoms on The Feedfeed, are there any pointers for making sure this recipe comes out absolutely perfect?

Jill: Make sure your oil is hot but not smoking. A good rule of thumb for olive oil is to maintain a temperature of 350°F. If you don’t have a thermometer, watch the surface of the oil, and when it “shimmers” it’s ready. Start with a medium/high setting and adjust from there. I avoid high settings as it always gets too hot- the oil will smoke and your food will likely burn. Too cool, and the blossom will be soggy. 

Rice flour ensures a delicate and crispy coating. If you don’t have seltzer, add some baking soda to your batter. If the batter settles at all, whisk it intermittently. The blossoms are fragile and the first few you work with may break. Don’t waste these! Fry them up and enjoy them as blossom chips! Finally, don’t over stuff the blossoms. The amount for each will vary based upon its size. Start with a teaspoon and adjust accordingly.

Salmon Burger With Sriracha Aioli

Q: Apart from your Fried Squash Blossoms, what other recipes is a MUST TRY from your blog?

Jill: Amongst the most popular recipes on my blog are my Maple Roasted Carrots Topped With Tahini Yogurt and Pistachio Dukkah, Smashed Lemony Potatoes with Greek Yogurt and Feta and for the third, I’ll have to go with my Salmon Burgers!

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