A Lens Into Kitchens Around The World:

Eat Your Compost




I’m often asked, “what kinds of foods are trending in the world of cooking on #feedfeed,” so in collaboration with Huffington Post I will be writing an ongoing column tackling just that.


When reviewing thousands of submissions on our hashtag (#feedfeed) each day (over 1 million to date), I learn so many new things: flavor combinations, preparations and I get amazing insight into what the world of home cooks, chefs, and bloggers are making in their kitchens right now (follow along).

Often times I'll see a post and have an aha! moment and wonder why I've never thought of a certain technique or flavor combination (i.e this amazing risotto style bucatini!).

When I started coming across recipes made from food scraps I knew I had to dig a little deeper. We've all seen the nose to tail dining go mainstream, so why not root to stem?

So Eat Your Compost...Really! Stop throwing away perfectly good food; many vegetable tops and scraps (typically thrown away) can often be eaten from root to stem.


When I came across posts on #feedfeed that included vinegar made from pineapple peels, fried squash skins, and roasted broccoli stalks served like bone marrow, my kitchen compost piles got a bit smaller and this article was born.


1. Pickled Chard Stems



Photo/ Recipe by HeartbeetKitchen

This might be my favorite example of innovative root to stem cooking and will serve to dress up any salad or complement a burger instead of a pickle!

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2. Sunday Pot Roast Scraps Become a Veggie Scrap Cake

Photo / Recipe by Veggie Desserts


When you are peeling those veggies for a sunday roast, keep the scraps and add them to this luscious cake!

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3. Broccoli Stem Marrow drizzled with Chives and Miso Butter

Photo / Recipe by Hiram Camillo

Get in touch with your inner chef. This loose riff on a bone marrow dish can be served as an appetizer or side dish. Edible flowers are optional!

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4. Pineapple Peel Vinegar

Photo / Recipe by One Tomato Two Tomato

If you love a good shrub (drinking vinegar) for cocktails, spritzers and even vinaigrettes, make your own Pineapple Peel Vinegar and say goodbye to some of your food waste.

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5. Juice Scrap Burgers

Photo / Recipe by Anne Christine

If you dislike the bland flavor of a grocery store veggie burgers use juice scraps for delicious and nutritious veggie burgers!

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For more recipes and tips for what you can make from your squash skins, beet greens, juice scraps, and more, check out the full round-up and more recipes on the feedfeed website.


Share your thoughts and what you’re cooking with your kitchen compost by tagging #roottostem and #feedfeed on Twitter to join an ongoing conversation.