5 Ways to Use Thanksgiving Leftovers!

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The Meal That Keeps On Giving

We all know the joy of opening the fridge the day after Thanksgiving and grabbing slices of turkey and ham, spoonfuls of mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce. But what do you do when your leftovers need a bit of a refresher? Enter in these 5 delicious ways to reuse any Turkey Day dishes in a new way!
Leftover Turkey Panini With Cranberry Sauce, Apples, And Brie
by @saratane

The best part of Thanksgiving is the leftovers! And this turkey panini is no exception. Layered with leftover turkey, cranberry sauce, sliced apples and brie, it's the perfect lunch for the day after the holidays. 

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Leftover Cranberry Sauce Chicken Wings
by @saratane

Not sure how to use up your leftover cranberry sauce after Thanksgiving has passed? Turn it into a saucy glaze for these delicious chicken wings! The tart and sweet sauce is just what these wings need. 

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Leftover Turkey And Orzo Soup
by @uprootkitchen

A nod to the classic Greek soup, avgolemono, this recipe uses leftover turkey instead of chicken as the base of the soup. This warm bowl of soup is the ultimate post-holiday comfort food. 

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Mashed Potato Toast
by @lilybubbletea

Have plenty of leftover mashed potatoes? This toast dinner is the perfect way to use them up! Slather the potatoes on top of warm bread and finish it with a soft boiled egg. 

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Skillet Pot Pie
by @runlifteatrepeatblog

Leftover pie crust that's stashed in the freezer? This is a great way to put it to use! It also uses up any Thanksgiving herbs, like thyme and sage, you may have hanging around as well. 

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