Avocado Toast Two Ways
"Flashback Friday to these AVOCADO TOAST TWO WAYS! Sourdough SWEET CHILI SHRIMP with 🥑 and a simple TOMATO AVOCADO AND EGGS! Happy Friday lovelies! It’s been a crazy week, but dropping in to remind you that these BOMB toasts do exist and perfect for a lazy weekend breakfast, lunch or dinner 🙃 I am hoping to relax this weekend, since it’s the last weekend before we get our puppy 😆 🐶 what are your plans? • • Deets: 2 slices local gluten free sourdough toasted, topped with avocado. One has tomato and seeds and a soft boiled @vitalfarms egg, the other has shrimp boiled with some lemon and tossed in sweet chili sauce. SO BOMB!"
-- @starinfinitefood
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Simple & delicious toasts for quick dinner