The Magic of Manuka Honey

With Our Friends at Wedderspoon


The Magic of Manuka Honey

We partnered with Wedderspoon to educate our community about the benefits of Manuka Honey.


The term ‘superfood’ often has me quite skeptical. I’ve seen my fair share of fads and cure-alls come and go so when I first heard of the benefits of Manuka Honey, I had to admit I had my doubts. Honey is after all honey, right? Delicious no matter what form. Boy was I wrong.

Enter Wedderspoon Manuka K-Factor 16 Honey aka a working mom’s dream. Got a fussy baby with diaper rash? Yep, this will help. Need a boost of energy? This does the trick. Have a painful c-section scar that makes skinny jeans torture? You guessed it, Manuka to the rescue. Wacky hormonal skin woes? Fixed. You get the idea. This stuff is solid gold.

Now before you stop reading and run to the store to get your hands on a bottle, let’s break down some of this Manuka magic.  Manuka Honey is native to New Zealand and comes from bees that gather the nectar of the Manuka flower, a relative to the tea tree. The Manuka shrub has a very short annual bloom, so the honey is rare and hard to come by. This classic high demand and low supply situation has lead to many impostors; so much so that the New Zealand Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) has put in place regulations to clearly identify authentic Manuka Honey.  Wedderspoon Manuka K-Factor 16 Honey meets and exceeds these standards since it is non-GMO, free of antibiotics, is raw and unpasteurized, is traceable by hive and sourced and packed in New Zealand.

As a preemie mom and serious germophobe, you best believe I will have a bottle of this elixir stocked in my cupboard (and diaper bag) at all times this cold and flu season. Due to the natural antimicrobial properties it can help to ease some of the symptoms of the the common cold like sinus inflammation and sore throats and can give your over-taxed immune system a boost during the draining winter months.


On board with these bewitching bees yet? Good because we are just getting to the good stuff.  Aside from the health, skin and baby benefits this stuff is GOOD! You can find us eating it by the spoonful, on top of yogurt, or swirled onto toast on the reg at FeedfeedBrooklyn and on Fridays (or let’s be honest maybe Mondays some weeks) we love to shake it up into a cocktail! Check out two of our favorite ways to use Wedderspoon Manuka K-Factor 16 Honey below and be sure to check out their website here to explore their full product line.

Check out our version of the classic Bee's Knees Cocktail below! 

Hungry for a little honey? Here's how to make our favorite breakfast with Wedderspoon Manuka Honey.

Craving a superfood-packed lunch? Check out this Brussels Sprouts Salad made with a Manuka HoneyApple Cider Vinegar, Dijon Mustard and Shallot dressing below! Don't forget to top your Brussels Sprouts and Kale with Pomegranates and tangy Goat Cheese.