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Herbed Parker House Rolls

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Cauliflower Risotto
Blustery days call for comfort food, like this cauliflower risotto. Anyone else find making risottos almost meditative? It's that rhythmic stirring that gets me every time.
Apple Smoothie
PIe crust challenged? Make this Apple Pie Smoothie instead!
Chamomile And Pear Infused Vodka
In 4 short hours it will be 5 o'clock. I have visions of a pear martini showcasing this pear-chamomile vodka that I made using @pickersvodka
Have you carved your pumpkin yet? Save those seeds and make these Sweet and Salty Roasted Pumpkin Seeds! #onthblog today!
While I do love how meditative stirring a risotto can be, I also love how easy this Baked Cauliflower Risotto is! It's perfect for this rainy fall day!
The recipe that made me fall in love with my spiralizer! Miso Chicken with Sweet Potato Noodles. The spiralized sweet potatoes were so good, I am already planning lots of riffs on this recipe!
Did you know you can cold brew tea like you cold brew coffee? It's so easy, I always have a jar of green tea in the fridge now! This one was flavored with lemon verbena.