Reflecting on Black History Month With These 4 Delicious Recipes

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Reflecting on Black History Month

With Black History Month 2023 winding down this week, we wanted to bring these recipes from some amazing Black food creators back to the front of your mind. We are so grateful to partner with Artney Walker @myprettybrown, Dana Renée @thedanareneeway, JJ Johnson @chefjj and his restaurant Fieldtrip @fieldtripusa, and Natasha Greene @asiliglamcooks, and are so thankful for their contributions across food media and beyond. In honor of each of these creators, The Feedfeed will be making a donation to a non-profit or charity of their choice. Look for the links to these organizations below to learn more about their missions and how to make a donation!
photo by Artney Walker @myprettybrown                      



Fluffy Carolina Gold rice serves as a base for succulent shrimp cooked in a flavorful gravy. Carolina Gold rice is somewhat of a foundation of Lowcountry cuisine in South Carolina and Georgia. Named for the golden hue of its unmilled grains, this rice was grown, cultivated, and sold as the first commercially available rice in the U.S. But the legacy of this crop wouldn't exist without the skill of enslaved African people, forced to grow and process rice as they did in their homeland for centuries. This dish pays homage to their sacrifice and contributions to what we have adopted as American food across the country. 
A donation is being made in Dana's name to Getting Out Staying Out, an organization dedicated to serving those affected by arrest and incarceration through emotional wellbeing, education, and employment.



Artney is highlighting her roots in Birmingham, AL with this dish. "Food has always been a gathering place for Black Americans, especially here in the South. From Sunday dinners to family gatherings, food is still the glue that binds and creates memories. As Black people, we did not always have the resources, but we had food traditions that we've carried from generation to generation." Drawing inspiration from her mother, Artney grew up making passed-down recipes like Salmon Croquettes. Even with a lack of resources and having little money, her ancestors knew how to make food taste beyond exquisite. "Recipes like these always connect me to my roots, home, and it is an honor to carry on this food tradition. As I continue sharing our food and experiences, I hope that it will inspire others to celebrate Black food beyond Black History Month."
A donation is being made in Artney's name to Little Ladies, an organization committed to inspiring and educating young girls to become powerful women.

@chefjj for @fieldtripusa

This recipe comes to us from James Beard Award-winning Chef JJ Johnson and his NYC-based restaurant Fieldtrip, which celebrates rice in its many delicious forms and how rice shapes cultures around the world. In honor of Black History Month, Fieldtrip is featuring a special dish of King Crab with Sweet Potato Rice Grits to remind us that rice is the staple food of Black culture in America and abroad. Here, Chef JJ uses Carolina Gold rice grits, a variety of rice with a gold-hued husk, brought to South Carolina by way of the transatlantic slave trade that became almost extinct until the 1980s through regenerative efforts. 
A donation is being made in Chef JJ's name to Rethink Food, an organization dedicated to bridging the gap between food excess from restaurants, kitchens, and corporations and those who face food insecurity.


Natasha was born in Jamaica and is a passionate home cook. Her flavorful and relatable recipes have captivated a huge audience with dishes like this creamy lobster and shrimp scampi linguine, oxtail pelau, and a quick salmon with coconut sauce— Natasha has got a dish for everyone. She aims to inspire folks to get in the kitchen and enjoy creating a meal for themselves and their family. “Food is one on my love languages and how I show love to myself and those around me. My hope is that my community can feel that love through every cooking video shared on my platforms and be encouraged enough to try the recipe for themselves. Cooking is all about evoking feeling and I want to evoke nothing but good vibes & joy to my audience.”
A donation is being made in Natasha's name to The Star Boutique, an organization that helps bolster confidence and empowerment, and sisterhood of young girls affected by transitional housing through their pop-up clothing shop. 
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