Cooking for a Cause



Cooking for a Cause

#CookforaChange @SimplyOrganicFoods

by Kevin Masse

Community (noun, often attributive): A group of persons living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common.

The Simply Organic + Feedfeed Teams & guests (photo by Silas Fallstich)

When we set out to build our community around #feedfeed - we knew we wanted to bring together a group who shares in the passion of cooking. This vision that we set out to achieve has not only solidified the foundation we have created with #feedfeed, but has allowed us to work closely with partners and brands that align with our core ethos.

Photos by Silas Fallstich
Simply Organic, which is part of Frontier Co-op, is a brand that has been a supporter of our vision since nearly the beginning of our journey. Founded in 1976 as a two person operation, Frontier Co-op has become a leading voice in the spice industry. In 2010, Simply Organic was born as the 100% organic line offered by Frontier. At this same time, Frontier also established the Simply Organic Scholarship at the University of California Santa Cruz Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems.
Photo by Silas Fallstich
When Simply Organic approached us with their #cookforachange campaign, we knew this was something we could get behind and something that our community would whole heartedly embrace. #cookforachange is about identifying something this holiday season that brings you joy in the kitchen and going for it - making a small change with a big impact. Maybe it’s shifting to healthier meals, maybe it’s sitting down as a family for dinner, maybe it’s inviting your elderly neighbor for dinner once a week - whatever it may be, the change can be small & simple, but nevertheless something you embrace and share with #cookforachange.
Photos by Silas Fallstich - Lady and Larder (top image)

As with many things that Simply Organic does, #cookforachange also provides for those in need - and with every #cookforachange image posted to social media, Simply Organic is donating a meal through Ceres Community Project - an organization aimed at culinary education for youth and providing meals for those in need outside the San Fransisco Bay area.

Going into this, we knew this event had to be different - something that would bring to life the initiative and something that would inspire all those who attended - welcome to #cookforachange Los Angeles.

The Concept: Bring together our Los Angeles #feedfeed community to cook dinner, together, and then enjoy the fruits of our labor (after all, we are a community of homecooks!)

Photo by Silas Fallstich. Product by Sur La Table

The Setting: An inspiring apron factory in Vernon, CA where Hedley & Bennett calls home and dreams big everyday.

The Format: Upon arrival, guests were handed their aprons and a small envelope of a Simply Organic Spice - each spice was tied to one of eight cooking stations where guests would be cooking their Simply Organic Recipe for dinner.

The Process: Working with Sur La Table, ZWILLING & Vitamix - all cooking stations were equipped with everything needed for our community to execute the recipes as teams. All of the products from these companies are being donated to Ceres Community Project for their kitchen.

Top to bottom, clockwise: Jessica Bradford, Rebecca Bloom, Keith King, Tommy Engstrom, Cindy Rodriguez, Indra Zavala, Amy Kim, Kevin Masse, Gerry Speirs Rebecca Firth, Taryn Rasgon, (Photos by Silas Fallstich)

The End Result: After one hour, our teams had cooked an entire meal from start to finish and food was plated and we gathered for a “Butternut Squash Soup Toast” to commence the feast we had created together.

In this Photo: Catherine McCord (Image by Silas Fallstich)

The Menu

Butternut Squash Soup Shooters

Mini Cheese Balls with Cherry Tomatoes

Organic Rosemary Balsamic Roasted Carrots

Orange Delicata Squash & Thyme Biscuits

Organic Harvest Salad with Cinnamon Cranberry Vinaigrette

Orange Ginger Salmon

Spanish Vegan Meatballs with Smoked Paprika

Apple Rose Tart

Prime Rib

Gingerbread White Chocolate Mousse Trifle

Top to bottom, clockwise: Orange Ginger Salmon, Apple Rose Tart, Organic Rosemary Balsamic Roasted Carrots
Images by Silas Fallstich

Dreaming big is something we always strive to do - and at the end of this evening, our bellies were full, our hearts were warm and perhaps even a few new smiles lines were created on our faces.

Left to right: Kevin Masse, Dan Resnick, Julie Resnick, Kristie Pryor, Becky Wilberding, Anne Reirson, Mariah Andrews, Ellen Bouchard
Photo by Silas Fallstich

As we head into this Holiday season, remember that even the smallest changes can make the biggest impact on those around you - Share with us your changes this Holiday season with #cookforachange & #feedfeed

A special thank you to all those who made the evening possible:

Simply Organic for allowing us to dream big
Chef Danielle Campbell and her incredible team for helping support and pull this event together!
Hedley & Bennet for allowing us to transform your space
Sur La Table, ZWILLING, Vitamix for providing so many of the essential cooking equipment needed for our stations
Knork Flatware for graciously providing the beautiful cutlery for the event
Bonterra Winery & Baja Brewing Co for keeping us hydrated during the event

Imperfect Produce for providing the bulk of the evenings produced
Photo by Silas Fallstich