4 Sweet to Savory Pantry Recipes Made with 1 Ingredient, Oats!

Pantry Cooking with Katie Clova


Pantry Cooking & Baking with Katie Clova

4 sweet to savory recipes made from Oats!

Article and Recipes by Kate Clova
Baking connoisseur, Katie_Clova and I came up with 4 approachable and tasty recipes using one major home staple, oats! From savory to sweet, these recipes are something everyone can make at home for yourself or those you are quarantining with. Because now more than ever, we’re relying on pantry staples to create tasty dishes in the kitchen. At Katie's home, baking is a full-on family affair, and her kids love to get in on the action, particularly when they're making some of their breakfast favorites. If you haven't checked out her profile, do so! She is always sharing amazing baking recipes and baking process stories with her and her adorable children!
--Sahara Bohoskey, Community Food Editor
Anything topped with maple syrup feels like a treat in our home, but these oatmeal pancakes offer a unique change of pace from the usual hotcakes. The oats here create a fluffy, chewy pancake, and the bit of cinnamon makes each bite warm and comforting. Try topping these pancakes with fresh fruit, yogurt, or even a dollop of whipped cream.

While yeast bread can be an intimidating process for new bakers to tackle, this honey oat bread is fairly simple and totally worth the effort. This recipe yields two loaves of flavorful bread that works great for sandwiches and even better toast. While the prep process for this recipe is simple, there are some lengthy rest periods involved, so be sure to allow yourself enough time.

-- Katie Clova

This savory oatmeal hash features sweet potatoes, kale, and bacon, and is served on a pesto oatmeal. Sunnyside eggs make this a well-rounded dish that easily serves 2-3. Feel free to change up the eggs depending on your preference, or trade out the bacon for spicy Italian sausage.

-- Katie Clova

These maple oatmeal biscuits are layered, Southern-style bites that are lightly sweetened with maple syrup. Although they taste great with a generous schmear of butter, I also love to use them as the base of biscuit sammies. Be sure to use extra cold butter and milk while preparing to ensure these biscuits rise sky high, and save any leftover baked biscuits in the freezer- they reheat like a dream!

-- Katie Clova

If you have oats on hand, be sure to give one (or four!) of these recipes a try! Snap a photo and share it with me @katie_clova and @thefeedfeed!
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