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Kate Wood
Selma, Alabama
Maker of cakes and cute babies.

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My Recipes
Brown Sugar Cheesecake With Oatmeal Cookie Crust And Butterscotch
Things I dream about at night. Brown sugar cheesecake with @smittenkitchen butterscotch and an oatmeal cookie crust is in all my dreams from now until further notice.
But first, coffee... chocolate almond scones. These coffee scented scones stuffed with chocolate chips and almonds might be the most rewarding one-bowl breakfast you enjoy all week. See how simple it is and then try them out for yourself!
Coffee, Chocolate And Almond Scones
Sometimes you need a crowd pleaser. Sometimes you only want to dirty one bowl. Sometimes you make buttery, crispy-on-the-outside-but-cakey-on-the-inside chocolate coffee almond scones and everyone wants to be your best friend.
Caramel Apple Slab Pie
"Hmmm, what dessert should I make for my party/tailgate/Supper club/Friday afternoon (just because)???" CARAMEL APPLE SLAB PIE! You can make it ahead, serves a crowd, and there's a whole freaking delicious jar of salty caramel in there. Git on this.
Gateau Basque With Cherry Jam Filling
The recipe for this cherry gateau Basque is on the blog this morning! It's a pie meets cake situation and no one over here is mad. Decorating dessert is especially easy when you've got stunning summer produce to work with so CHECK IT OUT AND GET ON IT Y'ALL. Don't forget to vote for the saveur blog awards! You can find the link to vote for best baking and sweets in the sidebar of my blog! Photo inspired by @williamssonoma . #howisummer #feedfeed #mywilliamssonoma #savblogawards #jbfsummer