Mushroom and Spinach Congee
"Anyone else feeling a bit anxious these days? All I’m craving are comfort foods and this one stands alongside my favorites. Congee with Spinach and Shiitake is like being wrapped in a warm blanket followed by a hug! It’s very simple to make at home (no restaurant take-out required). It’s wonderful for breakfast, lunch or dinner. You may also serve a base with a range of ingredients so everyone may customize their own bowls. Keep in mind, the base may be vegan, and your add-ins may include an option for omnivores, making a diverse crowd quite happy! It’s truly soul soothing and wonderful when your under the weather. Mine is vegan, but this can be made to suit any palate. You may already have all you need on hand."
-- @feedtheswimmers
A Note from Feedfeed

This classic chinese comfort food is a porridge-like rice dish that is highly adaptable with your favorite veggies and protien. This one is vegan with shiitake mushrooms and spinach. You can also use other leafy greens like kale or swiss chard. To make it cozy Gluten free meal, be sure to use tamari but taste as you go since the sodium levels change between brands.