Gluten Free Meal Plan: November 6th



You'll notice a theme with this week's menu. As we gear up for the colder months, we are featuring ingredients like persimmons, radicchio, beets, parsnips, and pumpkin. It's still light and nuanced- but also cozy with deeper flavors. 

On another note, if you haven't already planned your Thanksgiving menu, I'll be sprinkling in some recipes in the coming weeks' Meal Plans to give you some holiday inspiration. Make them during the week for dinner to test them out in preparation for your holiday menu! (Plus, keep your eyes peeled for a dedicated Thanksgiving Menu from the Feedfeed Editors hitting inboxes next week!)

This week we have a silky pumpkin soup, that would make a perfect addition (think starter course) to your holiday meal.

If you make any of these recipes, snap a photo and tag us #feedfeed @thefeedfeed on Instagram or TikTok for a chance to be featured. Happy cooking!


MONDAY  Grilled Radicchio Salad with Pork and Persimmons 
by @Themosthungry

This seemingly fancy supper screams fall. The secret is that it's super easy to make; all you need is fresh persimmons, pork tenderloin, bitter radicchio, seasonings, and a hot grill pan. 

TUESDAY Chickpea Broccoli Fritters 
by @Cookingforpeanuts

Easy meals are key during the week when all we want is dinner NOW. These savory fritters come together in a snap, with a few key tricks. Don't want to spend time cutting a head of broccoli? Buy a bag of florets! No time to cook chickpeas? Get a can!

WEDNESDAY Pumpkin Soup
by @Freshexpressonline

This is a simple straightforward pumpkin soup recipe that ends in a super silky and luxurious texture. This soup calls for fresh pumpkin, but canned works just as well. To give it some texture add crunchy croutons and a swirl of coconut milk or cream for extra pizazz. 

THURSDAY Baked Halibut with Blood Orange Beet Puree
by @Tastefully_Grace

Hello colder months! This recipe showcases all of winter's finer ingredients, such as blood oranges, beets, and parsnips. Delicately baked halibut is laid upon a gastrique of a tangy beet puree and then garnished with fresh herbs.

WEEKEND BONUS Vegan Pumpkin Oat Pancakes 
by @Ellielikescooking

Get crazy with brunch this weekend and surprise yourself -or- everyone with a stack of these fluffy fall pancakes. Max the batter out with warm spices and pumpkin puree for a real treat, pecans, and maple syrup are advised!