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Apple Rose Tart with Maple Pastry Cream

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💛☀️ S U N S H I N Y D A Y ☀️💛 Endless Summer Noodle Bowls, aka Miso Butter Linguine with Sweet Corn, Snap Peas, Summer Sausage and allllll duh herbs. 😍🌱 I first made this pasta bowl last summer, when the farmers market stalls demanded so. 🌽 But it's the perfect combo of ideally summery ingredients that happen to be just as readily available in the middle of January, right when you might be needing a little lift. 😉 (No, just me?) Recipe is new on #thepigandquill, babes -- link in profile. Happy Tuesday! ✌🏼❤️🍜 #noodlebowl #thesunsetkitchen #caliwinter . . . . . . #eatcolorfully #misobutter #inseason #foodstyling #foodblogfeed @foodblogfeed
Pappardelle With Riccota And Peas
This is the pappardelle with peas, hazelnuts and ricotta salata from @sunbasket’s family menu. It’s fresh and easy, features organic and artisanal ingredients, and it’s one of our absolute faves.
Vegetarian Taco Skillet
J U S T A D D C H I P S ! Our favorite non-recipe of late: #vegetarian taco skillet. (Working title... )
Saucy Parmesan Topped Meatballs
S U N D A Y S U P P E R! Saucy, pan-braised meatballs blended with savory spring onions and plenty of parm. They pass the toddler texture test thanks to a spin in the processor and a quick, stove-top bath in my current favorite @staub_usa cocotte.
Meatballs With Tomato Sauce
Seasonally confused, maybe, but I'm just a total sucker for meatballs. Silky in texture, full of savory spring onions and just begging for a little grilled bread with butter and sea salt. Happy Monday!
Creamy Hummus Soup
Happy #superbowlsunday! We're celebrating the tail-end of a week from you-know-where (turns out chemo is no joke, even for eternal optimists!) with brunch out a jaunt to the city to indulge in our weight's worth of gameday eats and watching with proud stars in our eyes as cousin @shablambrose takes the stage with @ladygaga in the half-time show. It'll be a good day. ••• Oh, and we're topping things off with a supper of this Hummus Soup with Crispy Soyrizo Gremolata! It's ultra-silky and savory due to some tricks from @kenjilopezalt and the 3.5 horses of my @kitchenaid blender, and I promise it's everything you'd expect from a dip you can basically eat by the spoonful.
Katsudon With Furikake & Fried Rice
Playing dress-up with my dinner just in time for Halloween and @iamafoodblog's totoro week! This is special edition katsudon (breaded pork cutlet and soft egg over garlicky fried rice) Cheers to the almost-weekend!
Orange Scented Pecan Sticky Buns
If you think these look good now, you should see the other side. Orange-Pecan Sticky Buns with Cinnamon + Clove for breakfast this morning. They're surprisingly simple (thanks to @breadin5's master dough) and everything you want on your brunch table this fall. Happy Friday!