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Artichoke 'Hummus & Chips'

My Recipes
Saucy Parmesan Topped Meatballs
S U N D A Y S U P P E R! Saucy, pan-braised meatballs blended with savory spring onions and plenty of parm. They pass the toddler texture test thanks to a spin in the processor and a quick, stove-top bath in my current favorite @staub_usa cocotte.
Creamy Hummus Soup
Happy #superbowlsunday! We're celebrating the tail-end of a week from you-know-where (turns out chemo is no joke, even for eternal optimists!) with brunch out a jaunt to the city to indulge in our weight's worth of gameday eats and watching with proud stars in our eyes as cousin @shablambrose takes the stage with @ladygaga in the half-time show. It'll be a good day. ••• Oh, and we're topping things off with a supper of this Hummus Soup with Crispy Soyrizo Gremolata! It's ultra-silky and savory due to some tricks from @kenjilopezalt and the 3.5 horses of my @kitchenaid blender, and I promise it's everything you'd expect from a dip you can basically eat by the spoonful.
Katsudon With Furikake & Fried Rice
Playing dress-up with my dinner just in time for Halloween and @iamafoodblog's totoro week! This is special edition katsudon (breaded pork cutlet and soft egg over garlicky fried rice) Cheers to the almost-weekend!
Orange Scented Pecan Sticky Buns
If you think these look good now, you should see the other side. Orange-Pecan Sticky Buns with Cinnamon + Clove for breakfast this morning. They're surprisingly simple (thanks to @breadin5's master dough) and everything you want on your brunch table this fall. Happy Friday!
Red Kuri & White Wine Rigatoni (vegan)
It's rainy and windy and I'm grating squash for this vegan Caramelized Red Kuri Pasta with Olive Oil and White Wine (subbing butternut for the red kuri and apple cider for the wine) while Lana tries to shove all four of Sophie's legs in her mouth (three is her record) and we're listening to The Pixies station on Pandora and there's steam on the windows and leaves rattling in the drive and it's kind of the best. Happy Monday, guys!
Pumpkin & Quinoa/rice Curry With Peanuts, Peas, & Crispy Spice Crusted Tofu
Pumpkin Curry with Peanuts, Peas + Crispy Spice-Crusted Tofu!! If nothing else, you should at least pop over to check out the tofu because it's crazy simple and perfect for snacking or adding to salads or packing into lunches. Also I mehbes snuck some subtle fall flaves (cider, maple syrup) into the curry and it's a pretty fun time. HAPPY FRIDEEZY!