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Santa Monica Farmers' Market Crawl

The best produce finds!


My Santa Monica Farmers' Market Crawl

Helllllllo, LA! Even though it’s been raining most of the time I’ve been here (is this New York?), I’m still soaking up every moment here in Los Angeles. Whether it’s hitting up the classic California staples (looking at you, Gjusta), swinging by UCB for a comedy show, or just cruising down the PCH, there are plenty of ways that I’ve kept myself highly entertained during my week here on the west coast! One of the most important stops that I’ve made here is of course the Santa Monica Farmers’ Market on Wednesday mornings!
I don’t consider myself much of a religious person, but let’s just say that I felt the presence of a higher power during my stroll through the market this morning. The amount of gorgeous produce lingering around this humble market was just too much for my east coast, summer-deprived body. I couldn’t take it! Here are a few of my faves:



Passion Fruit

Serious questions--is it irresponsible of me to move across the country solely because I want easier access to this fruit? Maybe. Regardless, I’m obsessed with this stuff! If you’ve never tried some, I highly recommend getting your hands on a few and whipping up this Passion Fruit Poppy Seed Loaf Cake and a batch of Passion Fruit Margaritas. Or just eat it straight out of its flesh like I do.




Ever tried one?? These lil’ baby citruses (citri?) will seriously rock your world. Slightly bitter, ultra zesty, and laced with a touch of sweetness, these adorable fruits are great on toast, in cocktails, or in cakes. Try ‘em out!




Call me basic, but seeing some fresh berries felt like someone lit my soul on fire!! The farmers’ markets in NY can become pretty bleak in the colder months, so it’s always exciting to see something besides potatoes, radishes, and kale. I feel like spring is right around the corner and I’m pretty excited to whip up my Strawberry Sumac Scones with some Strawberry-Top Infused Whipped Cream!



Pink Oyster Mushrooms

Not going to lie, I think the most beautiful piece of produce that I saw were these pink oyster mushrooms. As a self proclaimed mushroom enthusiast (strictly the ones for cooking…), these pink-hued beauties stole my heart! I have big plans to toss ‘em in some oil, salt, and pepper, and simply throw ‘em in a salad. That’s the LA way, right??



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