Pantry Plan: March 22nd

Cook with what you have!


Photo by @thenonchalantcook
As much of the world, the current COVID-19 crisis has led to a shift in our day-to-day operations in order to keep our team and community safe and healthy. That being said, during this time of crisis we see it as our duty to serve our community recipes, tips, and tricks to make this time of isolation less stressful, more delicious and as resourceful as possible. So without further ado, allow us to introduce our new normal for the foreseeable future, The Pantry Plan.  In this weekly guide, we provide recipes that you can easily pull off based on pantry staples and what you might have on hand. We provide tweaks and substitutions you might need keeping in mind that access to fresh ingredients may be hard to come by. We hope you use it as inspiration to turn out healthy and hearty meals while riding out this storm at home. Stay safe, be well and take some comfort in the kitchen.
Things to Use This Week: Use this as a guide for what to stock up on at the store, or what to grab from your pantry. 

Canned and Dried Beans
Canned Tomatoes
Tinned or Jarred Fish
Dry Pasta
Bits of Cheese
Lentils and Legumes

Frozen Chicken Thighs
Baking Staples (Flour, Sugar, Etc.)
Lentils and Other Legumes
Powdered Spices
Frozen Vegetables
Baking Mixes 
Things to Prep Ahead This Week: We realize some of the items we rely on from the store each week may be difficult to come by. Here are a few basics you might want to consider making yourself to be as resourceful as possible and to add lots of flavor to your pantry meals! 

Caramelized Onions (add flavor to a number of dishes!)

Roasted Garlic (Use as a condiment or to build the base of flavor for pasta and soup)

Freshly Baked Bread (Yes, you can do it!)

Jam or Curd (a good way to preserve fruit or citrus going bad)

Pesto (Perfect way to use up odds and ends of herbs and greens in the fridge)

Pickled Onions (Another great way to preserve fresh ingredients! These add flavor to sandwiches, grains bowls, tacos and more!

Use these as a guide for inspiration. Just because you don't have every single ingredient doesn't mean you can't replicate the main flavor of the dish! 
Frigde Raid! 
Go ahead, dig through those lesser used condiments. It's their time to shine!  
Grilled Cheese with Gruyere, Prosciutto, Caramelized Onions, Honey and Hot Pepper Spread by @mollyjean4

We could all use some comfort right about now and what could be more comforting than a perfectly golden brown grilled cheese! Bump up the flavor with caramelized onions and hot sauce of choice.  If you have some cured meat, throw that on there too!  Cured meat is actually a great staple to stock up on thanks to the long shelf life. 

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Crispy BBQ Cauliflower Bites by @healthienut

Have a bottle of BBQ sauce that's been dormant since August? Bust it out to make these crispy cauliflower bites.  Buffalo sauce more your thing? Use that instead!  As for the slaw, anything with crunch is fair game. Celery, apples, or even shredded Brussels sprouts will work!

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Legumes, FTW! 
Is there anything the humble legume can't do? Packed with fiber, protein, folate and calcium, these budget-friendly pantry staples are our hero. Plus, they are incredibly shelf stable, so stock up!
Lentils and Mushrooms Over Creamy Polenta and Quick Pickled Onions by @mollyjean4

A creamy bowl of polenta topped with savory lentils is essentially a hug in a bowl. The pickled red onions really amp up the flavor so be sure to make a batch.  If you don't have fresh greens, frozen would work just fine, or substitute with whatever green vegetable you happen to have on hand.

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Chickpea Smash Sandwich by @rachelgurjar

This recipe has been on repeat at home for our team! It makes a perfect lunch, or you can serve it over greens for a hearty dinner salad. It keeps will in the fridge and you can totally switch up the flavorings. Don't have coriander? Try curry powder instead. Out of fresh herbs? Skip them! 

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Breakfast for dinner! 
Take a trip down memory lane to everyone's favorite day in elementary school, breakfast for lunch!  Eggs are incredibly versatile, filling, and combined with a few other pantry staples make for a perfect dinner option.
Shakshuka with Feta and Basil by @saratane

The basic formula for shakshuka is to sauté some aromatics (think onion, garlic or shallot) in oil before adding spices (here we used paprika, cumin and cayenne) and canned tomatoes. The sauce simmers for a bit, then you crack a few eggs into the sauce and let them poach until done to your liking. Voila! Dinner is served!

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French Scrambled Eggs with Chive-Shallot Butter by @saratane
The key to these creamy scrambled eggs is cooking them low and slow. The butter is certainly a little extra, so feel free to skip, but if you do make a batch you can stash it in the freezer to top roasted veggies with, spread on toast, or use in pasta dishes. 

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Weekend Bonus

Spicy Peanut Butter
by @mollyjean4

We've been eating A LOT of peanut butter, which is never a bad thing, but if you are getting bored shake things up a bit with this spicy rendition!  You can and should make your own nut butter at home, all you need is a food processor or a high speed blender, a few ingredients and some patience.  If you don't have peanuts, try it with whatever nut you have on hand.  If you don't have any chiles de arbol, any source of spice will work; red pepper flakes, cayenne or even a few dashes of hot sauce. This can be used just as you would regular peanut butter and also makes a delicious sauce for noodles or glaze for roasted vegetables. 

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Need some more help and inspiration during this difficult time? Send us a DM or post a photo of what you have on hand in stories and we'll send you some recipe ideas!