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Brussels Sprout and Butternut Squash Pizza

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My go to quick breakfast: toast w/ either PB or homemade jam ???? today I topped mine with banana, buckwheat groats, homemade granola, chia seeds, strawberries, & shredded coconut. What’s your favorite quick breakfast (other than oatmeal or toast LOL)? ????
My dad has been bugging me to make cookies all week so I guess I had too. It was Valentine’s Day so of course! Made a huge batch of vegan chocolate chip pecan cookies and I was a little bit in heaven. Anyone else guilty of eating too much cookie dough before the cookies are done baking & then you’re kinda full when you eat one but do it anyways?? ????????????
Throwback to this delicious sponge cake I made topped with creamy buttercream frosting, candied oranges, & a bunch of fresh fruit! Would love to be indulging in this rn 😋 any ideas of what dessert I should make for Valentine’s today? Was thinking some cupcakes or a cake 😛
Can you spot the hearts?! Made a little valentines treat 😛 jam filled hand pies paired with a decadent HEALTHY chocolate sauce! (Just dates, coconut milk, vanilla extract, coffee syrup & cocoa powder). I am going to perfect the recipe soon and will post asap! ❤️
A warm bowl of oats to get me through a long day of studying 😋 topped with cinnamon stewed apples, banana, peanut butter (can’t forget that), hemp seeds, shredded coconut, & flax seed! What did you enjoy for breakfast this morning? • • • •
Treated myself & my family to these delicious sticky buns with toasted pecans for dessert last night ???? recipe is from the amazing @minimalistbaker & I’m obsessed ????
Some vegan chicken noodle soup sounds really good rn ???? what did you have for dinner?
Chocolate pancakes on a Saturday?? Yes please! Topped with chocolate chunks from Strita Supreme chocolate which is a local choc. Shop in my area that has almost all vegan chocolate! Also banana, buckwheat groats, hemp seeds, fresh mint, & date syrup from @dvashorganics ????
#pancakesunday Time!! Mini banana oat pancakes for breakfast this morning 😛 topped with carmelized pears (soooo good), chopped almonds, banana, hemp seeds, cocoa nibs & of course a healthy drizzle of maple syrup 🙏🏼 what did you enjoy for breakfast this morning?
Currently in lab on a Saturday studying for my anatomy practical in a week..the stress is real 😂 kinda having fun doing it though! Haven’t posted in a week and u probably know of course. But I’m going to be baking today to take a little break from studies so that should be fun! In the mean time here is another post of my delicious lemon orzo w/ crispy sage dish! Recipe is on my blog ❤️