Mastering the Macaron

w/ Handsome Brook Farms


Mastering the Macaron

with Handsome Brook Farms

Article by: Andrew Davis

We were so eggcited to partner with Handsome Brook Farms to bring together 30 influencers from the East Coast to an unforgettable virtual event to #MasterTheMacaron. Our event was led by Jake Cohen and macaron mastermind, Danielle Chong Trencher of Macarune.

Traditionally, macarons might seem intimidating to make, but our virtual event broke down the recipe step by step, giving attendees the confidence to make the shells and lemon curd filling on their own and impress their friends and followers. 
Did you know there are only 6 ingredients in a macaron shell? The one ingredient that matters most when it comes to creating the perfect macaron shell and bright lemon curd is high-quality eggs. And our partners at Handsome Brook Farms know the answer to the age old question, “which came first, the chicken or the egg?” In Handsome Brook Farms' case, the chicken comes first and that is why they are dedicated to raising their hens in open pastures. Cage-free, pasture-raised and free-range - as it should be. You notice the difference in their eggs at the first crack with their signature, bright golden yolk. 

Jake Cohen had the honor of walking our attendees through the Lemon Curd demo at the beginning and showcasing the ease of creating a creamy, flavorful and delicious lemon curd in minutes. After, guests were lead through an in-depth macaron tutorial from Danielle where she laid out every tip and trick for mastering the macaron and took our guests from zero to macaron hero. 

Guests were sent baking kits filled with all the tools needed to master the macaron, as well as a serving dish from Pillivuyt to style their finished macarons for their social media debut. 
We hope you’ll try Handsome Brook Farms Eggs soon if you haven’t already - you’ll love knowing where your eggs come from and how the chickens are raised.

Big thanks to Handsome Brook Farms and Pillivuyt for the sponsored goodies and swag for our guests!
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