DIY Snack Station

with Cascadian Farm


DIY Snack Station

With Cascadian Farm 

Article by: Molly Adams
Photos by: Rachel Gurjar and Giora Stuchiner 

As a working mom of a toddler with a more exciting social life than I ever had, mornings are HARD. There are backpacks to pack, changes of clothes to gather, water bottles to fill, sunscreen to find and SNACKS. If I can give anyone out there parenting advice, toddlers love snacks. Profound, I know.

But if you are looking for real Mom Hot Tip™ get yourself some Cascadian Farm Cereal and Granola Bars! They are my secret to stress free mornings, and the best part is that I actually feel like I’m doing some good by stocking my pantry with the non-GMO and Organic products. Not only are they full of real and nutritious ingredients, they are produced in a way that supports farmers who use practices that regenerate the land and their communities. 

Before I climb too high on my soapbox (don’t worry I can and will wax poetic about Cascadian Farm all day, just ask my co-workers!) let’s talk quick, easy and practical tips for solving the morning snack squeeze.

1) Give kids choices. If they have a hand in choosing what they eat, they will be more excited about trying new things. Plus, by making a choice, they are saving you time and energy since they will be able to pack the snack portion of their lunches on their own. Side note: This goes for kids at heart, too! Life is tricky enough; simplify packing your work lunch by only stocking your pantry and fridge with nutritious choices.

2) Plan Ahead!  Set out one bin of no-prep snacks (i.e Cascadian Farm Cereal and Granola Bars!), one bin of fresh fruit (think low prep options like apples, bananas or oranges) and one bin of fresh veggies. For the veggies, make sure they last throughout the week by deseeding cucumbers before cutting and wrapping cut peppers in a paper towel before storing. To ensure perfect portions of cereal (my current favorite is the Gluten Free Honey Vanilla Crunch!) portion them into reusable jam jars. Toss in extra dried fruits or nuts for a custom snack mix. Kids (and adults, too!) should pick on choice from each bin, making lunch packing a no-brainer.
3) Make it Routine! If kids know what is expected of them, they will make a habit of doing it! Make sure packing their own snack becomes part of the daily routine, and setting it up becomes part of your weekly meal prep. I promise it will make life easier!  Word to the wise though, don’t run out of their favorite Cascadian Farm cereal or granola bar! All heck will break loose! (Thank Goodness for Grocery Delivery)

Want to learn more about Cascadian Farm and all they are doing to support sustainable farming? Read about our trip to the Cascadian Farm Home Farm last fall here. Visiting the home farm was my first time to the Pacific Northwest (and my first night away from my son!) and I can’t begin to describe how magical it was. Everything from the lush green of the mountains to the piercing turquoise blue of the Skagit River to the kiwi berries fresh off the tree; it felt like one of the most beautiful places on earth. Aside from the beauty, I got to learn first hand about all of the wonderful things that Cascadian Farm is doing to support our food system and farmers. What stood out most to me were the gorgeous pollinator fields which allow the Cascadian Home Farm to rely solely on native bees to pollinate their crops. Bees are responsible for the pollination of over two-thirds of the world’s agriculture crops including many of the ingredients used in many of Cascadian Farm’s cereals and granola bars. They also use farm-friendly crops in their products to ensure the organic farms they source from are able to maintain healthy and nutritious soil. For example, the new Gluten Free Honey Vanilla Crunch contains both chickpeas and sorghum, which are crops that actually IMPROVE the health of the soil in which they are grown. It’s these little (but in fact, quite big!) things that have made me forever loyal to Cascadian Farm.  Buying and enjoying their products is more than an easy snack solution, it’s making a careful and responsible decision as a consumer and a mom! Good food vibes all around!