Chipotle Burger Sauce

with Hellmann’s Spicy Chipotle Mayonnaise


Recipe by Melissa Coleman

Services 4­-6

I like things uncomplicated, like summer, with a touch of magic. Veggie burgers on the   grill (or cast iron), toasted buns, crispy fresh vegetables, and a hospitable slather of   chipotle burger sauce. That’s where the magic is. It’s just a quick stir of Hellmann’s   Spicy Chipotle Mayonnaise, ketchup, dijon mustard, pickle juice, and a couple dashes   of worcestershire. Magic.



1/4 c. Hellmann’s Organic Spicy Chipotle Mayo

2 tbsp. Ketchup

1 tbsp. Dijon Mustard

1/2 tbsp. pickle juice from the jar

4 dashes of Worcestershire Sauce


In a ramekin or small serving bowl, stir together all ingredients until evenly combined.

Spread liberally on your summer burgers (veggie, beef, or turkey).

This recipe was created in partnership with FeedFeed and Hellmann’s