Berry Baking with Kids!

With Driscoll's Berries


Berry Baking With Kids!
Article by Molly Adams 
Photo by Rachel Gurjar 
If you are like me (and most caretakers out there right now!), finding fun and educational activities to keep kids busy these days can be tricky. Without the routine of school and visits with friends, caring for little ones can feel a little (okay, a lot!) chaotic. My skills as a preschool teacher are slightly limited, so I've turned to what I do know (baking) to engage and teach my son some new skills!

One recent favorite project has been these adorable Berry Chocolate Skewers from our friends at Driscoll's! We make a homemade pound cake (because Math!) and cube the cooled cake. Then, using a variety of Driscoll's Berries we create skewers using different patterns. Then we drizzle the whole thing with chocolate to get in a little arts & crafts! It's a great way to weave a few different teachable moments into one very tasty snack!  

We’ve partnered with Driscoll’s to bring you fun and easy recipes to make with your family while you're home. Tune into our Instagram Stories on @thefeedfeed to find out when we’ll be hosting Instagram Lives where we’ll walk you through the recipes and answer your questions as we go! 

Looking for more great recipes to bake with little ones at home? Check out a few of our favorites from our friends at Driscoll's! 

Blackberry and Raspberry Brownies 

These berry-ful brownies are a snap to make; the batter mixes up by hand and kids will love to help mash the berries and stir in the delicious chocolate. 

Blueberry Muffin Tops

Everyone knows the best part of muffins is the top! Kids will love dolloping the cream cheese filling in the middle of these! 
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