5 Ways To Drink Your Vegetables

Some are shaken, some are stirred


We're here to offer a few ways to get an extra serving of veggies, yes veggies, in during cocktail hour. Here are five drinks to cheers to your health.

photocredit: @gastronomblog

Red Beet Rye Shrub Cocktail

The sweet earthiness of beets blends well with the whiskey and the tanginess of the shrub. Get the recipe.




photo credit: @mattduckor

Green Vesper

James Bond's drink gets its first update in decades with the addition of an arugula simple syrup. Get the recipe.




photo credit: @ashr0se

Grapefruit Fennel Fizz

This tequila-based drink was inspired by a fresh summer salad. Get the recipe.




photo credit: @dietitiandebbie

Cucumber Mint Cocktail

Turn your morning smoothie into your evening cocktail with this gin-based drink. Get the recipe.




photo credit: @cookingforluv

Spikeable Beet Kobucha Lemonade

 This drink is as sippable sans alcohol as it is with a splash of vodka or turn it into a sangria with either wine or beer. Get the recipe.