Pineapple Beer

"Love pineapple Love beer Let's make the very traditional South African drink "Pynappelbier" or pineapple beer! Just a few ingredients and some patience, and you will have a delicious beverage to serve at your next Summer party. The longer you ferment, the more alcohol develops...So be careful! Tastes delicious, but packs a punch."
-- @thedaleyplate

1 pineapple, skin scrubbed and top removed - roughly chopped
2.5 cups cane sugar
3 L lukewarm water
1/4 cup raisins, bruised
5g yeast

Add everything but the yeast to a large vessel. Stir and add yeast. Stir and cover the top of the vessel with muslin and secure with an elastic band.

Stir twice a day over the next 72 hours. Strain and enjoy!