How to scrape a Vanilla Bean

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Chicken Caponata
I'm super excited to finally share my culinary #PlayWithYourFood adventure with #PCBlackLabel & @preschoice with this super duper easy recipe for Mediterranean Chicken Caponata!
Chocolate Chunk Brownies With Pretzels
Recipe may say it yields 24 bite size or 16 normal person size but I prefer cutting them into 8 so you get a more bang for your brownie buck - Triple Chocolate Chunk Pretzel Brownies today. You're welcome.
Lemon Cupcakes With Blackberry And Lavender Frosting
If you lucky enough to have an oven you need to bake these (I tried making them on a hot plate this week but they came out kinda flat) That's because I'm still "kitchenless" but hopeful that this Reno will be over soon