Dulce De Leche Layer Cake With Sugar Shards

"You have no idea how much dessert I ate the past few days... Time to shoot some healthy salad posts soon. Anyways, I happen to LOVE sweetened condensed milk. It’s what gives German chocolate cake that special something extra. If I want to treat myself (day ending in “y”) I’ll add a spoonful of it to my coffee and enjoy the morning just a little bit more. Dulce de leche is made by heating condensed milk, it’s creamy, sweet and perfect for a cake filling! The sugar glass shards I used to decorate the cake are sooooo dramatic; I love them! It was especially exciting to make them as it was the FIRST time I've made hard crack candy without suffering horrible burns! So hot, be careful, not clumsy like me am I the only one constantly burning and knocking my hands in the kitchen??? "
-- @preppykitchen