Frosé Palomas
"GUYS! frosé palomas! frosé freakin' palomas!!! they're like taking all of the bright & fresh flavors out of a paloma cocktail & putting them into the perfectly refreshing wine slushy. i mean...c'mon. 😍😍😍⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ reasons why i'm so freakin' obsessed with them & i know you will be too...⠀⠀ ✔you only need 6 simple ingredients & 10 minutes active prep to throw them together⠀⠀ ✔they pack a big fat boozy punch, but still taste super light & refreshing⠀⠀ ✔each batch serves 4-6, so they're absolutely perfect for summer girls nights or backyard parties⠀⠀ ✔& i mean...tequila + rosé, what more could you want??"
-- @playswellwithbutter