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Anoushka Aodhorah
Mauritian based food blogger at PeachyTales

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Mauritian Red Kidney Bean Curry
The warmth of a home made Curry is said to be close to a mother’s hug. Alors prend ene tiguite cari encore? Haricot Masala has to be among the most delicious Curry really especially during winter times. Such an earthy note , great depth of flavours and packed with so much goodness really.For the coming months I am so happy to announce that I teamed up with Régal Mauritius to bring you some of the best Classics.
Mauritian Papad
Gateau Merveille or probably something close to Mauritian Papad that will enable many of my other friends to relate to. Find out more about this beautiful story unfolded in a different kitchen this time. This post is all about those childhood moments I used to spend watching my Grandma making them especially late at night. The whole process where she would after, tie those Gateau Merveilles in a huge plastic bag all ready for sale the next day at different schools in the village. And she also used to give me these as reward for being a good girl The best prize really to end the day and for not jumping on her bed which were giving her back pains. A true mesmerising delight and great happiness at the very first bite.
Cauliflower Curry
Another updated version of the Cauliflower Curry, yet more drooling and delicious. This Curry holds a special place in my heart because this Curry was that of my GrandMa's favourite. It would be special on the menu everytime it was her birthday. GrandMa would make it herself and the sheer joy in her eyes while sharing it with us was just priceless! Sometimes the pleasure you get when you feed your loved ones with your own hands, is absolutely divine. They say -Cooking is just another way love is made visible! Find out more on the blog and hopefully you try it too. Goes amazing as a Sunday family Curry along with Mauritian Rotis. And yes so eager to share the upcoming recipe I'm currently working on soon! Ok ok I might spill it out if ever you would love to know (I'm dying to spill it out infact )
Mauritian Gato Lissou
Amazing Winter Warmers Pakoras - Cabbage Fritters (Mauritian Gato Lissou) So crispy and tasty with a good chilli paste on the side. All that heat and crunchy goodness washed down with a nice hot frothy Chai! Truly drooling and heavenly little morsels, trust me. I think you will end up making a second batch so much they are addictive.
Bread Fruit Curry
"Cari Fruit à Pain" along with cumin flavoured Brown rice just to add some extra flavours. This Curry is probably an old traditional Mauritian favourite where I still recall my Mama adding Salted Fish to it. We would normally serve that with hot parathas and at the end lick our fingers so much it screams goodness. Easy to make, fondant and delicious ready to go as lunch and will definitely keep you full all day long.
Spiced Beer Battered Onion Rings
To all my party people?New Recipe on the blog already! The extra crispy,light and crunchy spicy beer battered Onion Rings!Whoop whoop! ?? So easy and fun to make and will be gone once laid on the table really.So make sure you make a dozen extra just in case they eat your part as well?Because they are truly an addictive finger food.
It's Monday 💕 And sometimes we are all in need of some comfort to get the rest of the week going. Don't we? The Ultimate comfort to me lies in a good Curry. Rich earthy flavours, fondant creamy texture and warming as well as fulfilling. Mauritian Red Kidney Bean Curry being served with thin and flaky Rotis for today my peaches 😍💖 Mum would serve this with Coconut Chutney and some salted fish Rougaille back then. Honestly I can eat these with simple white fluffy rice. Find out more on the blog This recipe was partnered with Régal Mauritius. • • • • #sponsored #foodporn #mondaymotivation #thatsdarling #feastgram #foodshare #yummy #foodvsco #instamoments #bestoftheday #instagood #foodstagram #foodfeast #foodie #love #liveauthentic #curry #artofslowliving #colorpop #maurice #monilemaurice #ilemaurice #mauritian #redkidneybeans #beans #curry #meatfreemonday #vegetarian #vegan #agameoftones #moodygrams
Sunday! If I could write a love story, I would start by Sunday really.. 😍 I mean there is such a different feeling to that on a Sunday. The air around gets heavier, the mood almost like that of a wanderlust moment, everything looks so lovely and as if on Sundays you see through the pink glasses 😂💕🌹 And then there is brunch on the table that gives you butterflies! Full English Breakfast on a Sunday is almost like, just for a day atleast, you are the king of your castle 😚💕 White Beans in a rich tomato stew, so fondant and creamy leaving a sweet note as well as comforting feeling. Aaahh! I would literally have a nap after to be honest. Find recipe on the blog and get your Sunday the most magical day ever! 💖💃 Mauritian White Beans in Rich Tomato Stew has been partnered with Régal Mauritius ☺️ • • • • #sponsored #foodporn #sundayfunday #morninglikethis #breakfasttime #fullenglishbreakfast #englishbreakfast #whitebeans #foodstagram #feastgram #igerfood #igphoto #liveauthentic #thatsdarling #foodie #vscofood #createcommune #artofslowliving #colorpop #maurice #monilemaurice #ilemaurice #mauritian
New Recipe on the Blog! 😍👊 Where do I start honestly? Does it need any introduction? Mauritian Chicken Doner Kebab - The few words that literally sound like music to the ears. Atleast it does to mine. The irresistible pull that you feel each and every time to turn around and steal a few glances of that generous stack of meat on the rotisserie 💖 If you want me to describe them to you, I can go on and on about that graceful act of making Doner Kebab. But I will instead let you find out more on the blog(recipe link on my Instagram profile) ! I hope you love this post and I would really love to hear your most favourite place to have Kebab around the island. This recipe has been brought to you in collaboration with Chantecler 💕😘 • • • • #donerkebab #kebab #chicken #chickenshawarma #shawarma #peoplecreatives #liveauthentic #foodporn #foodstagram #feastgram #love #blog #thatsdarling #createcommune #vscofood #igerfood #igphoto #yummy #sundayfunday #bestoftheday
New Recipe coming up this Sunday on the blog 💖 Sharing my humble food collage done as part of the recipe to go on the blog. Yes I'm back to working on my Food Collage 😍 Still room for improvement though from where I left it.. I will not ask you to guess the recipe that I am currently busy shooting in the kitchen. However I can generously tell you that it involves Chicken and lots of fresh produce 😙 Sounds about delicious already right.. 😉 Find out behind the scenes on my Instagram Stories 🙈 • • • • • #foodporn #foodstagram #feastgram #friyay #liveauthentic #thatsdarling #love #createcommune #igerfood #igphoto #blogger #vegetables #vsco #bestoftheday #colorpop #artwork #artofslowliving #colours #mood #moodygrams