All Purpose Pasta Dough

"To usher in another weekend at home, I offer you not a puzzle, nor a binge-worthy Netflix show, but this humble how-to video series of beginner-friendly hand-rolled pasta! 🥳 Even if you can’t get your hands on semolina or semola flour, I’ve heard through the grape vine that all-purpose works well too, making this essentially a play-dough art project that you very much have permission to eat. I like to cook these all together (yes, I know they cook at slightly different rates but I don’t mind!) and serve them with a hearty, probably spicy, pantry sauce. Shapes are, in order: cavatelli, gnocchetti sardi (no gnocchi board? Use a fork, a cheese grater, whatever you have!), capunti, pezzettelli, chiancaredde, and orecchiette—my forever favorite. 😎"
-- @pastasocialclub

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Pasta is a tried and true comfort food, and many of us are turning to pasta as easy weeknight dinners. This pasta dough recipe is only two ingredients but you can make of variety of hand shaped pastas with it. Toss your cooked pasta in butter, parmasan and black pepper for a quick cacio e pepe, or use up any fresh herbs on hand to make pesto

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Prep time 30mins
Cook time 5mins
Serves or Makes: 1 pound pasta dough

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  • 300 grams (2 1/4 cups) all purposed flour
  • 150 grams (1/2 cup plus 2 tablespoons) water


  • Step 1

    In a food processor, add the flour. With the motor running, stream in the warm water until a dough forms. Transfer to a clean surface and knead until a smooth dough forms. Wrap with plastic and let rest at room temperature for at least 30 minutes before using.