Chicken Döner Kebab and Potatoes
"Tavuk Döner. Who voted for Chicken Döner in my stories last night? Here. It. Is. My dad’s favourite kebab takeaway choice ever (alongside traditional lamb Döner too). I’ve been saving this one for a while. The kids’ faces when they came to the table was such a delight, bless them. Made fresh, hand cut chips, fried in a pan, old school style just like my mum does. No Cyprus potatoes at home though (they make the best fried chips ever) but happy and grateful to use whatever we have right now. Made cacık (we’re going to attempt to make our own homemade yoghurt tomorrow), and rejuvenated the last of the red cabbage in water, red wine vinegar and sugar for a few hours, and marinated the chicken thigh fillets in my usual blend of store cupboard herbs and spices (yoghurt, and a few other bits). It was just so tender and juicy (watch my stories). And a proper Turkish restaurant style chilli sauce (I didn’t write down the measurements but threw in tomatoes, garlic, pom molasses, parsley, onion, chilli, olive oil and again, a few other things too, but I’m tired). And no, I didn’t make my own pitta today because...home schooling. I will share the Tavuk Döner recipe soon, I just haven’t got the energy to do it tonight. #melizcooks #tavukdöner"
-- @melizcooks
Recipe Intro From melizcooks

This is our perfect summer dinner, all put onto one plate! The chicken is marinated in yogurt, dried spices and red pepper and baked in the oven. Serve it with a mixture of pickles, veg and a creamy dip to round it off!