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Yogurt Recipes

These are our favorite recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner featuring yogurt that were tagged #feedfeed by members of the feedfeed community.

A Note From chitra

I grew up eating homemade yogurt, I know a bit spoiled! My parents instilled in me a love of this ingredient from an early age. Nowadays, I eat it at most every meal – mixing it in with a bowl of granola, subbing it in for sour cream on tacos, adding a dollop to soups and I love to cook with it – I make a killer coconut yogurt curry with it and whisk it in to my spicy cilantro chutney to take the edge off. Besides the fact that I’m addicted to its creamy goodness, as a life-long vegetarian, yogurt is a main source of protein and probiotics in my diet. And I don’t stop at just dairy yogurt, I love vegan coconut yogurt too! Let’s get inspired in the kitchen by all these creative ways to eat and cook with yogurt...