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Lemon and White Chocolate Tart

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Spiced Lentil and Crispy Onion Rice with Lots of Dill and Parsley, pine nuts and pomegranate and topped with Almond Yoghurt and Grated Tomato. Kind of a crazy cheat's Mujaddarah! I was meant to be meal prepping but I think it might all disappear tonight! Who wants the recipe?
Kale And Chickpea Chicken Soup
Warming up this evening with Kale and Chickpea Chicken Soup. --- Ps. I'm looking for delicious looking chicken soup recipes to feature on @thefeedfeed's Chicken Soup Feed. Tag me with your own chicken soup posts to be featured!
Red Tomato Pepper Pesto
Another shot of my super quick, super delish rose pesto cause it was THAT good and I just like the picture #feedfeed #madewithkitchenaid
Cavolo Nero Pesto With Lemon Juice & Parmesan
insane Cavolo Nero salad but I had some leftover so made an even more awesome (gluten free) spaghetti with Cavolo Nero Pesto inspired by the naked chef @jamieoliver
Not your average romantic dinner were pretty in love with this Sticky Moroccan Salmon with the most delicious citrusy and herby green sauce and the crispiest brussel sprouts. That's amore! Happy🌹Day!
The 'Nothing In The Fridge Except Some Savoy Cabbage, a Few Eggs, a Tomato and Half a Jalepeno' Brunch Bowl.
Pre-pancake day pancakes. Yes underneath all of that gooiness there are pancakes, I promise. And the gooiness? That's a little bit of melted chocolate and A LOT of Tahini Caramel and then a lot more on the side to drink with a little spoon, a craving brought on and inspired by @felicityspector's Honey Tahini and because I can never not have Tahini. Recipe is in the works.
Dreaming of my favourite homemade superpower brunch on this grey old day 💚 Green Coconut Pancakes with Sriracha, avocado and a crispy fried egg, obviously. What's your go to Saturday brunch?
Not feeling my best today so pyjamas and this Shepherds Pie with cauliflower instead of mashed potato is being my friend this evening.
•Homemade Hummous with Tahina and Spiced Onion Bacon• Making hummus is part of my weekly routine. I make a huge batch every Friday, mainly as part of our weekly Friday Night Feast but also so I can snack on it and have it with meals through out the week. I also like to gift people with a tub occasionally. The craziness of life has got between my hummous making and me and there's a hole that just can't be filled by anything but hummous. So, I thought I'd make an extra special batch today and top it with tahina and what I've dubbed "Onion Bacon". Let me know if it's worth sharing the recipe!