Milk Bread with Ube Swirl
"Stress baking is real. I can’t count the dozens of cookies and loaves of bread I baked when studying for the LSAT oh so many years ago. But, this stress feels so different because you have no idea when it’s going to end. In the meantime, I’ll just be here baking all the sweet things. I’ll keep them frozen until I can share them with loved ones later once this madness is over. 🙏 This is my ube milk bread! It combines Hokkaido milk bread dough with dehydrated ube purple yam powder to create a soft fluffy colorful loaf! I’m making a chocolate milk version tonight 😋 #littleepicurean #ubebread #ube #swirlbread #stressbaking #feedfeed #milkbread"
-- @littleepicurean
A Note from Feedfeed

Ever baked with Ube? This lavender colored yam is used from savory to sweet recipes for the luscious texture they have and of course, the stunning natural color! This milk bread is perfect to eat as is or toast with butter and honey.