Hungry for Earth-Friendly Recipes?

4 of Our Fav Vegan Creators Dish Up Their Cultural Recipes


Happy Earth Day! 
by Food Editor Lisa Thompson 

We all know by now that the plant-based food trend is here to stay. Just think of how exciting the world of vegan cooking has gotten. Kale and frozen garden burgers had their time in the sun, but gave way to ingredients like hearts of palm, jackfruit, and macadamia nuts. Even banana peels are being repurposed into a smoky bacon alternative.

Even more exciting is the way people are adapting their bold cultural dishes to be plant-based. The heart and soul of the dish remains, but the impact has shifted. We wanted to highlight a few diverse vegan food creators from the Feedfeed community whose recipes are as vibrant as the cultures they represent! In honor of these creators, we are making a donation to The Farmlink Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing excess food and reallocating it to communities in need. 



by Jeeca of @thefoodietakesflight 

"I grew up in a Chinese-Filipino household and one of my family’s most treasured recipes is kiam peng, which this Chinese Savoury Sticky Rice is inspired by. My great-great grandparents are from the Fujian province in Chinese and ‘Kiam Peng’ is a Hokkien term that literally translates to ‘salty rice’ (kiam = salty, peng = rice) but despite it being called salty rice, I’d consider the flavor profile of this dish as savoury with a hint of sweetness and umami instead of just salty. The version of kiam peng I grew up enjoying had meat in it, so for this vegan version I use a mix of mushrooms instead."
by Keisha of @flouredframe
"When it comes to Filipino food, adobo has a special place in my heart. This dish is a staple in every Filipino household, and mine was no different. Adobo was a dish that my mom made often while I was growing up, and it’s my absolute favorite Filipino dish! Typically this dish is made with either chicken or pork, and every region in the Philippines has its own variation. However, this recipe is based on my mother’s recipe, the most basic variation, and it’s what I call Tofu Adobo, or in Tagalog, Adobong Tokwa. For me, being vegan didn’t stop me from eating Filipino food. In fact, it made me even more creative in the kitchen. Take this Tofu Adobo, I simply swapped any animal products for vegan ingredients and slightly changed the cooking method. This applies to any dish that I’m trying to recreate, and trust me, it’s not always that easy, but it is a fun challenge that I enjoy very much. I also just love to share my culture and food with everyone, and to show them that Filipino food can be made vegan and can be absolutely delicious!"
by Bijan & Gabe of @livinlaveganlife
"Though food holds various roles in our day-to-day lives, there is no denying its impact of staying connected and celebrating our cultures. Whether it’s Bijan’s Middle Eastern and Hispanic culture or Gabe’s Colombian culture, we continue to find ways to celebrate and acknowledge who we are – even within a vegan lifestyle! After taking our first trip to Colombia together, we were both in awe of the rich gastronomy everywhere we went. As soon as we got back to our home in Buffalo, we went straight for the kitchen to make our Colombian favorites vegan! Papas Chorreadas is a traditional Colombian dish that features perfectly cooked potatoes over a tasty and comforting tomato-based sauce. The first bite transported us back to Colombia right away! It was a great reminder that food does have the power to connect us to our cultures, but also lets us travel anywhere we want in the world – even if you are vegan!"
by Gabrielle of @onegreatvegan
"This rainbowtastic recipe is the definition of delicious! A healthy mix of my Caribbean culture and southern soul food, this wrap is loaded with luscious layers of jerk mushrooms, rice and peas, plant-based mozzarella, crunchy plantains, and purple cabbage all tucked into a warm tortilla. Since I was a little fluff, my family kitchen has always been filled with rich spices from Haiti, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Cuba, India and more, so for me this recipe is a true celebration of my colorful culture jam-packed into an epic vegan feast. Every single bite of this Caribbean Crunchwrap the perfect combination of spicy, sweet, hardy, fresh, and absolutely flavorful."

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