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Pulling a Great Shot of Espresso

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Spicy Bell Pepper And Tomato Chilaquiles
Whenever I go to Cabo, I always look forward to the chilaquiles at the place we stay - so I decided to try it out myself! Damn spicy, too. you best believe I made a bunch extra and put it on everything 🍳all produce from @milkandeggscom
Tofu And Pickled Veggie Banh Mi
This marinaded tofu banh mi with homemade spicy sauce was soo good and super easy + quick to make with these 30 min pickled veggies! All you have to do is slice daikon, carrots, cucumbers and jalapeño and put in a jar with water, vinegar and rice wine vinegar with your desired spices, put in fridge and DONE!
Marinated & crunchy @salsaology chile & tamarind tofu spring rolls #llindseyeats #hatchery #hatcherybox #hatcherymade
can't go a week w/o some poke who's with me? 💓 especially when it looks so colorful like this! 🐠#poke #sushi #monday
farmers market goodies before waiting in line for pike place chowder! personally I am not a huge chowder fan but this was on another level of delicious ✨✨ We also got a crab roll and lobster roll ☺☺🍓🍞🐚 #llindseytravels #fruit
hello weekend ☕️ it's almost brunch time 🥑 #avocado #coffee #weekend
🥑🥑 when you open the avocados and it looks like this ✨✨ #avocado #snack #flatlay
don't be fooled I had mac n cheese on the side of this ☺😌 but... in any case I call this my random-you-bought-too-many-tomatoes salad 🍅Brie, romaine, pea shoots and tomatoes drizzled with balsamic, salt and pepper and olive oil. Also fresh nails by @color_camp 💅🏻 Mighty fine Wednesday before heading to yoga and Seattle for the first time! Where should I eat? Comment below your favorite food spots!! 🌱🌱✨✨ #llindseyeats #tomatoes #seattle