Levee Baking Company
Christina Balzebre | New Orleans | A cottage bakery, Saturday pop ups, 10am-2 // Goods are also available at a few coffee shops

How to Make Guacamole

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Chocolate And Sticky Date Olive Oil Cookies
Chocolate, olive oil, dates, @acallichocolate nibs, sea salt. A few of my favorite things. Recipe is on the @thefeedfeed, just swap out pistachios for sweet sticky dates (or... better to keep both...)
We got drinks. We got pastries. We got Fats Domino playin'. Come join us for delicious food y'all. 3824 Dryades St.
✨Obsessed✨Thanks for bearing with us as we figure out the best way to laminate by hand. After studying a few methods I think we got it. Now the goal is to be consistent, play into a deep love/neurosis and understand our limits. Wishing everyone a restful day ❤️To all the crazy bakers, breathe deep
Levee country for @mosquitosupperclub. One more big bake tomorrow! Then we rest.
Crinkly Mexican chocolate cookies. Spiced with cayenne and cinnamon (and vegan! but you wouldn't know it). Open at 11! Grab some gifts made by local artisans//curated with love. Complimentary coffee! @seasonednola @jamboreejams @portstreetwoodworks @neonheartshop @thestacksbookstore
We've been getting croissant obsessive. They'll be fresh tomorrow and are perfect with hot chocolate from @acallichocolate. Come get cozy.