New York City Austerity Wine Dinner

#SimplyElevated with Michael Chernow



#SimplyElevated New York City Dinner


Photography by Clay Williams
Article by Kevin Masse

If you live in New York City, chances are, you’ve heard of Michael Chernow at some point or another.  As an original founder of the now legendary Meatball Shop, Michael knows a thing or two about cooking.  After a successful run with The Meatball Shop, Michael set out on his own, to create what has now become Seamore’s.  Shifting his focus away from the land, Michael turned to the sea, with the goal of delivering high quality, sustainable seafood at an everyday affordable price in his signature Chernow flair.  
Sustainable seafood and an overall mindful approach to the food system is a shared passion for us and Michael was the perfect Chef for our second annual Austerity Wine dinner in New York City - this time at FeedfeedBrooklyn.  Austerity Vineyards focuses on the lesser known coastal regions of California - bringing to life wines that are nuanced, complex and, affordable.  They focus on sustainability and they celebrate the art of elevating everyday through #SimplyElevated.  When Michael and his team had time to sample the wine and chat with wine maker Steven DeCosta, they came back with a seafood focused tour de force of the Spanish Coast - from chorizo stuffed squid to traditional Paella, the team behind Seamore’s pulled out all the stops. 
In this photo: Michael Chernow prepares dinner

To kick off the evening, we invited our friends from Greenpoint Fish and Lobster to set up an epic raw bar.  Greenpoint Fish and Lobster has become a voice in the sustainable seafood movement in New York City (and beyond) and has become one of the primary suppliers of Michael’s restaurants.  The brininess of the oysters and the sweetness of the clams were the perfect counterpoint to the creaminess of the Austerity Chardonnay

Things were good, we were happy, and our party didn’t stop with the oysters.  Michael and his team continued to highlight the versatility of seafood and pairing with wine, this time, Pinot Noir with a chorizo & forbidden rice stuffed squid.  The spiciness of the chorizo and the earthiness of the squid leaned into the deep notes of ripe red fruit that this 2016 Santa Lucia Highlands Pinot Noir brings to the table. It was the perfect segway into the main course. 
We finished out the meal with show stopping Paella, chock full of mussels, lobster, shrimp and fish.  Pairing with Austerity’s 2016 Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon.  The ripe cherry notes were the perfect complement to the heady saffron rice that laced the dish. 
Want the recipe to the above Paella - CLICK HERE
Dessert was classic flan, but something that tasted anew under Michael’s preparation.  A fine match for any of the wines we were drinking during the night. 
We’ve been really excited to showcase our trip across the country with Austerity Vineyard, starting first in Los Angeles, then to Chicago and here to New York , our home town.  Our hope is that through this series, you’ll feel a bit more adventurous in your weeknight wine drinking and cooking and be inspired to try all the Austerity recipes that we’ve curated for you to try at home! 

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