The Feedfeed Test Kitchen at Food Loves Tech

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In the words of the organizers Edible Manhattan and Edible Brooklyn, "Food Loves Tech (FLT) is an education-by-entertainment innovation expo. From rooftop farming and the food app boom to virtual reality menus and insect proteins, FLT unites food and drink innovators, thought-leaders and enthusiasts to experience the future of food and drink." This year, FLT was held at Industry City in Sunset Park, a sprawling hub created to encourage an "innovation ecosystem that embraces the disruption created by advancing technologies", across multiple verticles, housed in sun kissed industrial buildings and courtyards.

With these themes of innovation and disruption and with our toes already wet from our activation at FLT last year, The 2017 Feedfeed Test Kitchen at FLT was an effort to really speak to the theme of disruption in the food media world showcasing the way social media has broken the barriers between accomplished chefs, instagram sensations, and the home cook, creating a dialogue that has shaken Food Media and helped spread an international cuisine burgeoning with creativity and most importantly, getting people inspired to cook more in the kitchen, and of course helping to spawn the likes of Feedfeed and other new Food and Lifestyle Media companies.

To accomplish this, we looked to one of our favorite technology forward partners, Vitamix, as the sponsor of the Test Kitchen to outfit the space with Vitamix Ascent machines and inspire our workshop hosts to get creative with sustainably focused ingredients and inspire FLT guests and social media viewers who watched as we live broadcasted to homecooks around the world.

Julie of @thefeedfeed with Chef Mike Anthony of Gramercy Tavern (1 of 10 Guest Chefs and Instagram Influencers in The Feedfeed Test Kitchen at FLT)

What ensued was a dizzying array of world reknown chefs as well as Instagram influencers who hosted hour-long cooking demos across the two days including Slow Cooked Pork Tacos by Chef James Briscione (Director of Culinary Development at ICE) demonstrating concepts from The Flavor Matrix using science to artfully pair common ingredients, cookie decorating with Patti Paige of @bakedideas and Instagram sensation Amber Spiegel (@sweetambs), grilling an Impossible Burger with Chef Brad Farmerie of Saxon + Parole, roasting Black Bass and waxing poetic about sustainable seafood with Michael Chernow of Seamore's, Chef Michael Anthony and our very own Julie Resnick of The Feedfeed making sustainable Bison Balls with Hummus and Harissa, Remy Park of @veggiekins making Matcha, Blue Majik and Ube Lattes, and many more in a lineup of talent that captivated the FLT crowd and an Instagram audience that followed along via Instagram Live Broadcasts.

Chef James Briscione and Julie Resnick of The Feedfeed demoing Slow Cooked Pork Tacos

The talented participants came in with far ranging differences in the food they cook, the environment they cook in, and the audiences and platforms they work amongst, but in The Feedfeed Test Kitchen, they shared the common denominator of using a Vitamix to craft their dishes. Vitamix was a particularly poignant partner in our Test Kitchen as their machines embody the Food Loves Tech ethos with their high power performance and consumer friendly interface appropriate for home cooks and chefs alike.

Top to bottom, clockwise: Julie of The Feedfeed and Chef Michael Anthony of Gramercy Tavern; Chef Winston Chiu of Bonbite; Stephanie Peterson of @smoothiebeauty

Top to bottom, clockwise: Bison Ball with Hummus and Harissa Sauce by Chef Michael Anthony and Julie Resnick; Blistered Shishito Peppers with Tahini Dipping Sauce by Rachel Simons of Seed + Mill; Impossible Burger by Brad Farmerie

One of the takeaway concepts we wanted to impress upon guests and participants, is the way The Feedfeed brings food and tech together through content creation, with a focus on shareability, and social media engagement with an audience that both share their content and consume the content of other cooks from around the world via the hashtag #feedfeed, contributing to the world's largest crowdsourced publication. Part of our test kitchen area was a food styling station so the crowd watching could participate in capturing the dishes being demoed. We also made sure to do Instagram LIVES and capture footage we could share later on to extend the reach of this event to a larger audience.

A recap of the test kitchen over the two days.

Of course, we couldn't have pulled off a test kitchen if it weren't for the chefs and influencers who took the time to join us and demonstrate a dish of their choosing.

The talent and what they made:
Chef James Briscione made Slow Cooked Pork Tacos with Peas, Coconut and Mint WATCH HERE
Chef Suzanne Cups of Untitled made Honey Roasted Carrots with Cashew Butter WATCH HERE
Patti Paige of @bakedideas and Amber Speigel of @sweetambs led cookie decorating demos WATCH PATTI HERE and WATCH AMBER HERE
Chef Winston Chiu made Dragon's Blood Coconut Cocktails WATCH HERE
Chef Michael Anthony and Julie Resnick made sustainable Bison Balls with Hummus and Harissa WATCH HERE
Chef Michael Chernow of Seamore's made a Whole Roasted Porgy WATCH HERE
Rachel Simons of @seedandmill made Blistered Shishito Peppers with Tahini Dipping Sauce WATCH HERE
Chef Brad Farmerie made Impossible Burgers
Remy Park of @veggiekins made Matcha, Blue Majik and Ube Lattes WATCH HERE
Stephanie Peterson of @smoothiebeauty made Tropics Face Masks WATCH HERE

Get Amber's Sugar Cookie Recipe Here

Top to bottom, clockwise: Honey Roasted Carrots by Chef Suzanne Cups; Cookies by Patti Paige; Lattes by Remy Park; Cookies by Amanda Spiegel; Pork Tacos by Chef James Briscione

A special thank you to all those who made the event possible:

Vitamix for sponsoring the demo kitchen at Food Loves Tech

June Oven for their oven :)

Brooklyn Kitchen for tools and props

Caeserstone for providing the surface for our Test Kitchen


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