Chiapudding With Mango, Kiwi, Nectarine, Strawberry, And Blueberry

"Thankfully today is #FoodRevolutionDay and I have a few fun surprises for you in today's Snapchat takeover (thefeedfeed) with @freshmadenyc. Come join me at 10:30! I'm a strong supporter of @jamieoliver's #FoodRevolution. When the world is getting sicker and sicker because of food issues, change needs to happen. It needs to happen at home, in schools, and all levels. The food system is not transparent, not everyone has access to healthy foods, and yet there is also a tremendous amount of food waste. Here @conscious_cooking, I always strive to provide positive influence to make healthier, fresher food choices and encouraging #homecooking. Because I know that if I can help you feel good about your food, you will influence those around you, and, in turn, collectively we will make real changes in the food system. Join the Revolution by signing up at or you can simply celebrate each day by cooking and sharing a meal with your family, friends, or colleagues. By the way, this #breakfast is a Blueberry Coconut #ChiaPudding with mango, kiwi, nectarine, strawberry, and blueberry roses, with frozen raspberries and a sprinkling of #chiaseeds on top."
-- @conscious_cooking