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Bright Veggie Smoothies
Here's to start of the new week, and my New Year's #10dayreboot. Which color veggie-based smoothie is your favorite?
Lentil, Butternut Squash And Sunchoke Soup With Carrot Roses And Black…
Lentil Butternut & Jerusalem Artichoke Soup with carrot roses, red sorrel, urfa biber pepper flakes, and black sesame in a lovely, big bowl made by @skyceramics (side shot in my Stories) It really hit the spot after yesterday's rainy day.
Kale And Cauliflower Soup
When I posted my Purple Cauliflower Soup a few weeks ago, it inspired Didi @bijzonderspaans who, in turn, inspired me with her #Romanesco Soup based on my recipe (search "yommme cauliflower soup") 💚 Romanesco is my favorite vegetable as it's mesmerizing to look at, and the taste is so unique. So here I added 2 cups of baby kale along with my recipe to make this creamy soup, topped with green Chinese radishes from Norwich Meadows Farm @unsqgreenmarket, pea tendril @goodwaterfarms microgreens and @urbankitchenapothecary gomasio 🌿 The beautiful Takane Japanese bowl gifted to me by the lovely Olena @mangelka Thank you!! 💚💚 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- There's nothing like fresh produce and nice tableware to get inspired to create good food. My friend Jessica @getpropped is launching an online kitchenware marketplace on December 5th! It will be an amazing resource so check it out! #GetPropped 🍴🍚🍵 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ On another note, Jill @feedtheswimmers @maria_claps and I are doing an awesome cooking workshop next week on Wednesday, November 30th. Hope you can make it! (Sign up at 🌟🌟🎉🌿 ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for all your encouraging responses to my first ever "proper" video, and to all the beautiful #yommmelove creations. Happy Wednesday!! 🎈
Holiday Sage And Onion Loaf With Cranberry Jam Glaze
I created this Mushroom Lentil Loaf with Sage, using @SimplyOrganicFoods spices in partnership with @thefeedfeed to celebrate Thursday Moments I seriously can't believe how soon the holidays are upon us! With end-of-the-year work and family obligations, it's really hard to find a chance to spend quality time with good friends. Before the craziness starts, I'm happy to be sharing a #homecooked meal at a friend's house tonight. It's so much more relaxing than going out, the kids can play, and we can just catch up on everything, or even play a board game (mahjong is our latest favorite!) These organic moments are undoubtedly the best and most valuable times, don't you agree? Anyway, back to this loaf... it's easy when you have a few staples, like cooked grains, legumes, and sweet potatoes on hand (which I usually do) With a little extra love in layers, it also makes a wonderful vegan main course for any holiday table! #TGIT #FeedFeed #Sponsored
Creamy Purple Cauliflower Soup
In case you didn't know yet, I adore purple produce! Look at how lovely this Purple Cauliflower Soup is! I added a little bit of purple sweet potato that I had onhand. This is topped with some raw purple cauliflower sprinkles, thin slices of purple radish and a generous pinch of Fennel Gomasio from @urbankitchenapothecary
Curried Cauliflower Autumn Salad
Autumn is definitely here, and the farmer's markets are filled with beautiful cruciferous vegetables and colorful fall flavors. Today, I'm celebrating #WorldVeganDay with @thefeedfeed and delicious @hellmannsmayonnaise Vegan Dressing. Inspired, I developed this Curried Cauliflower Salad which incorporates fall produce with warming curry spices to make a creamy and flavorful dish. #vegan #feedfeed #sponsored
Honeynut Squash Soup
I seriously love my @instagram community. It's even more special when these connections turn into real life gatherings and friendships. After a very leisurely stroll through @unsqgreenmarket with @husbandsthatcook @mangelka @foodbymars @foodieinnewyork @blackwhitevivid @historiasdelciervo, and a quick hug from @mississippivegan, a few of us went to the home of @feedtheswimmers and this #Delicata #Honeynut Soup and Rainbow #Salad kind of just came together while Skyping with @thejamlab ?? This super late lunch was followed by a gathering with @thefeedfeed catching up with where I had the pleasure of meeting @ladyandpups and @hellomydumpling whose feeds I adore! ? Snippets of yesterday's busy day can be found in my Stories along with a special #RoofToTable dinner with @icraveny at @gothamgreens ?? Phew! What a day! Is it the weekend yet?! ?
Plant Powered Rice Paper Rolls
(Rice Paper) Rolling with friends is so much fun! Hope you were able to catch my Snapchat takeover for @thefeedfeed today with the loveliest, pro-salad maker, Hetty @arthurstreetkitchen. These rice paper rolls are a surefire way of getting veggies into those lunchboxes! Even the pickiest of eaters can't resist. Make them in advance for an easy start to the day! Hetty made a Caprese Rolls and a Kale Pesto with ingredients from her Brooklyn neighborhood favorites. I made my Rainbow Rolls with some of yesterday's CSA bounty and a traditional Peanut Sauce (go for the pesto of your child attends a nut-free school). And finally we have Frushi Rolls with fresh fruit and a Coconut Sticky Rice. Thanks to Julie and Dan @thefeedfeed for this fun opportunity! Happy Wednesday!