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Shallot Butter Baked Oysters

in partnership with Eric Ripert
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???? if you’ve wondered what the heck to do with sunchokes (aka. Jerusalem artichokes), i’m sharing an easy roasted sunchoke recipe inspired by my recent @imperfectproduce delivery on the blog! ???? along with everything you’ve ever wanted to know about them ✨
pretty please make these chocolate heart meringue cups for valentine’s day. ok, thannnnnnks bye ????????????????♥️ [ps. i put the recipe in my profile link ????]
????#NationalPizzaDay ???? aka. the only food holiday worth celebrating ????????????????✨ ps. pretty sure all slices should come this big!
Chocolate Mousse With Salted Almonds And Toasted Meringue
EASY chocolate mousse layered with salted almonds + toasted meringue from @acouplecooks new cookbook #prettysimplecooking! these would make SUCH a fun Valentine’s Day treat!
brainstorming cake recipes and i need your input! ????????✨ do you guys prefer classic layer cakes? or a sheet cake option like this one? ????????????
????????‍♀️ throwing it back to 2014 with these stuffed acorn squash bowls! ????they’re filled with the easiest mediterranean quinoa salad (it’s great on its own and holds up surprisingly well in the fridge!) - the recipe is up on ABP today [link in my profile]
craving a big bowl of this shiitake miso soup!! ???? a korean grocery store (@hmartusa - ????????) just opened blocks from my apartment and i’m literally dying with excitement over all of the amazing ingredients at my fingertips. the fresh mushroom section made me want to cry. grocery shopping just got a whole lot more fun! ???????? [see more in my stories!]
it’s the hubs 30th birthday this weekend!!!! give me all the cake ideas ???????????? [i kinda want to be selfish and make this totally out of season raspberry sponge one bc i love it ???? ]